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10 restaurants (new ones) to meet in 2018

It is certain that do not stop arise news of new restaurants opening on every corner, as it is also true that the speed with which others close doors is equally stunning. 2018 promises to be a good year for the national gastronomy, with greater attention the chefs paid to local raw materials, local products, and to the vagaries of the seasons. We bet these 10, but the list could have 15 or 20 that are assumed in the first division and culinary will be talking about over the next year. Discover the following, a careful choice made by the ” Boa cama Boa Mesa.

Tavern Thin
Still under “soft opening”, has opened the new concept of André Magalhães in full Largo do Camões, in Chiado in Lisbon. Very close to the Tavern on the Street of the Flowers, the new Tavern Thin only has 24 seats and a unique menu of tasting, which includes three snacks, an amuse bouche, an entry, a fish, a meat, a pre-dessert, dessert and petit fours (€56). The similarity of the space of the Street of Flowers, the bet of the kitchen is in the seasonality, and the domestic producers, all of which are creations of André Magalhães, but run by the team of which they are a part Lachie Galindo and Nuno Noronha. Is only open for dinner. Hotel Le Consulat, Largo Camões, 22, Lisbon. Tel. 938 596 429

The numbers associated with the new project of chef André Releases the Lamb impress, for if put on a scale of grandeur… minimum. Then, let’s see: there’s only one room with 18 square meters), a single table, and only ten seats, which can only be occupied twice, or 20 meals per day in two shifts, one at 20: 00, another at 22: 00. After a recent adventure in the restaurant Amphora, in the Palace of the Governor, the passion is now for this small space, called Local, in the company of the chief Leonor Nephew. In the absence of a space, the letter is changing every day, the flavour of the markets, but expect to find the cream of watercress and crab, mushrooms with egg yolk and truffle, chicken breast with a crust of herbs and tartelete lemon merengada. Average price: €30. The street of the Century, 204, Lisbon

Back is London’s grey and cold and the restaurant Tavern Market where, António Galapito, worked with Nuno Mendes. Now it is in the imposing living room with a ceiling height of six meters, where worked an old canning factory with the roman ruins that you want to introduce a concept of “farm to table”, which should always be in constant mutation. With about 70 seats, the restaurant Prado bet in a kitchen far away from the “fine dinning” but with attention to detail, natural products, and, for example, to organic wine, served by Inês Pereira who also left London to devote to this project. These days there are pork Tenderloin, quince and chilli chocolate, or the Empty cow Guard, and a salad of lettuces, and the certainty that if the product is not of the season, it will not come to the table of customers. Average price: €30. Travessa das Pedras Negras, 2, Lisbon. Tel. 210 534 649

It is said that it was the terrace and the stunning view over the city who convinced Miguel Castro e Silva to accept the challenge. Later, it was the will of the space, on the top floor of The hotel Lumiares, in the Bairro Alto, in Lisbon, to be perfect to install an experimental kitchen, almost a laboratory of ideas in food. Tell find cod cooked at low temperature with mashed mint, or the rice sea bass with clams. The restaurant Lumni has 43 seats, but is not in the hotel, the only place where the boss puts his hand in the pots. In the Market Café, right next to the entrance, there is space for quick meals, especially lunch and snacks for the end of the afternoon. Average price: €40. The street of the Daily News 142, Lisbon. Tel. 211 160 210

On the last floor of the Verride Palace Santa Catarina, the restaurant Suba, the position of Bruno Carvalho, has much more than a phenomenal view over the city. In addition to the experience of the head, which passed through the Quinta das Lágrimas and the Tivoli Hotel, there are two tasting menus, a five course and another of seven, which highlight the “Cone with cheese, figs with cream of foie grãs” and the “fresh Oysters with sauce mignonette” to the cold dishes and the “tiger Prawns with butter chilly and ginger” and the “Ravioli of oxtail with truffle black for the hot. In the desserts deserve special mention the “Cigar” and the “Tartar of mango, curd yuzo, ginger infusion, and passion fruit”. The living room has capacity for 40 people. The last surprise is the rooftop, with a 360 degree view over the city of Lisbon, that also serves as a bar, with capacity for 40 persons, and serving snacks and light meals. Average price: €45. Verride Palace, Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina Street, 1, Lisbon. Tel. 211 573 055

There is something extremely national, a kind of Portuguese hidden, in the new project of Diogo de Noronha, in the centre of Bairro Alto in Lisbon. The window to the Street of the Polytechnic School, within the bar, it helps to give an air bairrista to the Restaurant Fishing. Opens the house to the outside and turns out to be a point of contact and up to a visit card of the space, functioning as a bar for an aperitivo before crossing the door. It also gives you the opportunity to meet Fernão Gonçalves, the creative genius behind the shaker and of oysters, which was not limited to open bottles and went to the kitchen to fetch peppers, carrots and peas to the cocktails of the author. The letter from the Restaurant Fishing features seven entries, eight main dishes and five desserts, all in constant mutation. Average price: €30.
Rua da Escola Politécnica, 27, Lisbon. Tel. 213 460 633

Fish on the Boulevard
By the hands of chef Luisa Fernandes, in the restaurant Fish in the Avenue, they live an adventure of tastes, dominated by the most genuine recipes of Malta, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, the Sudan and Rwanda, and that recalls the travels of the Portuguese navigators. Born in Monte Real, near Leiria, and more known as the Head Luísinha, was a nurse assistant of orthopedic surgery and a nurse, a skydiver, but after 30 years of other adventures, surrendered himself to the charm of the flavors and decided to follow the passion for the art of cooking. Soup-rich sea, sea Bream wild sea Bass from the sea and Octopus roasted with red wine Quinta da Pacheca are some suggestions. There is still a Sirloin Steak with mashed mashed potatoes. Average price: €30. The street Conception of the Glory, 2-6, Lisbon. Tel. 308 807 787

The name, or better, the sound of the name, the leaves of the soon to foresee, almost as in the claim of the drink, which is eaten here. Is the meat, yes, sir, of a cow, of course, only seasoned with salt and taken by the hands of the experienced to the grid. In the restaurant, MUU, there are six varieties of meat, (insists: always cow), some cured and others of large dimensions, to think of sharing. Entering in the detail, in the division of the 500 grams there is the Rib Eye and Black Angus. In the division of elite, read with but 800 grams, there is the costeletão everything in the option allowed to mature. Is in the rest of the league of meats cow the Tomahawk also with 800 grams, the tenderloin 220 grams and the rib mendinha with a “modest” 300 grams. Choose if you want rice, chips, vegetables in the oven, esparregado, or salad. Average price: €40. Rua do Almada, 149, Porto, portugal. Tel. 914 784 032.

It is the whole World (or almost), in the living room of this restaurant in the centre of Porto, created by Ricardo Graça Moura , and Paulo Freire, also responsible for the Flow. Where at times it worked a locksmith, today we serve the ceviche white fish, oysters sauce with serrano or cause of octopus with lettuce and quail egg. In the new restaurant Blending can also choose tournedos of vitelão, polenta to porcini sauce with gorgonzola or steak uruguayan. In the letter is still chimichurry and beans azuqui, rotolo, dried tomatoes, artichoke, Portobello, cheese, and pesto. Average price: €30. The street of the Commerce of the Port, 161, Porto, portugal. Tel. 926 682 620

Terra Nova
The name of the restaurant is an apology to the discoveries and the sea, a living room, a space of tribute to the cod and the oysters. Also by the Douro, which comes through the window, but this is part of the postcard for the promotion of this new space. Little face to tourists, the team of the restaurant Earth New you want to bring back the people of porto (and not only) to the riverside area, and for this appeals to the feelings (read here stomach) national. There is cod, which can be in the form of a cone, a cookie, or in the blaze for you to enjoy, or cod coloured with broccoli and almond or masada of linguini with tomato sauce. The oysters are of the ria de Aveiro and are or natural, accompanied with caviar or fish soup. The Cais da Ribeira, 34, Porto, portugal. Tel. 926 770 837

(Text adapted from article published in the Express Daily 21/12/2017)

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