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A new star at the table of the Vidago Palace Hotel

The air that enters through the windows of the kitchen of the restaurant of the Vidago Palace Hotel is a family – Vitor Matos, had not the award-winning chef born there so close, in the city of Vila Real. The aromas, the flavors, the ingredients and the seasoning has the singer, after all, have always been part of the life of the head of the restaurant Antiqvvm, in Porto, where he won close to Easter, a Golden Fork guide Good Bed Good Table in 2017, after having won a Michelin star.

It will be, therefore, a kind of return to the origins of this challenge to be the head consultant of the Monumental Hall, the gourmet restaurant of the aristocratic Vidago Palace Hotel (Gold Key edition in 2017 of the Guide Good Bed Good Table), where it replaces the also awarded Rui Paula.

The new charter was presented recently, but for a triumphal entry, Vitor Matos prepares to surprise already this Saturday, the 17th day of June, with a Dinner, Wine – Wine & Flavors that will, promises the head, a special celebration for all lovers of good food.

For this Dinner Wine – Wines & Flavors in the Monumental auditorium of the Vidago Palace Hotel, in partnership with the producer Niepoort, Vitor Matos prepared to input a “cottage Cheese from Seia with Beetroot & Pumpkin”, harmonized with a “Riesling Docile 2015”, followed by “Tomatoes & Cheese Terrincho PDO” with “VV Old Vines of 2014”. The menu continues with “sea Bass Sea & Snails” accompanied by “Bubble White 2016”, and with “Cod of Half-Cure & Stew”, duly married with the wine “Concise White 2014”.

In meat, Vitor Matos begins with “the Prey of Pork Bísaro & Clams to Bolhão Duck” harmonised “Poeirinho 2014”, serving after “home-made ravioli of Duck & Sausages has the singer” to make pair with “Baton 2010”. The Dinner Wine – Wines & Flavors ends with the“Rocha Pear & Hazelnuts” this time with two wines to harmonize, a “Harvest 2005” and “Vintage 1987”. The price of this special dinner is $ 100 per person.

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