Agreements, Teas, and Dishes with the Company of the Colonial at the Peninsula Paris

Assemble the tea is an art and the taste is a pleasure. But the fun doesn’t stop only at the hot beverage served in the morning or as a snack. The Compagnie coloniale, the oldest tea brand in French, has invited exceptionally to the lunch of the Peninsula for a meal with the flavors of the teas of the house.

Tea, you know. You drink in the morning at breakfast, for lunch, after lunch and at tea-time, around 17h. But do you use it in the kitchen ? Has the image of the coffee and its many flavors, the tea can also marry perfectly with your dishes and desserts. A simple apple pie with an infusion of jasmine tea in the milk turns out to be a true delight.

The Compagnie coloniale, the oldest tea brand in French, which was founded in 1848, invited us to discover, during a lunch imagined by Christophe Raoux at the Peninsula, the kitchen can also be combined with the tea. A choice of subtle methods, different and here we are in Paradise.

The chef’s menu :

  • “Sensha coto” in a broth of dashi : the tea Sensha goes perfectly with the broth japanese to raise a small square of tofu on its bed of seaweed.

  • The egg perfect, puy lentils, fine royan “pu-erh” salt smoked. Very particular, the Pu Erh is a tea multifermenté offering a taste of wet earth, a mellow palate and a long finish. It blends so perfectly with the lentils and mushrooms to this dish. Note, also, that Pu Erh produces little caffeine and can be consumed throughout the day.

  • Jacques Saint just poached in tea from China extra. The kitchen of the tea can also be done in smoking. Here’s an example with the Saint jacques, which reveals the special character and delicious tea China extra, one of the oldest exclusive blend from Compagnie coloniale.

  • The grapefruit, lime, and coconut ice cream orange-lemon Roïbos to the madness. The roïbos is not a tea, it is a shrub that grows exclusively in South Africa in the mountains of Cederberg. It is considered to have many health benefits and it has the advantage of being devoid of theine of the blow. This version with goji berry to give a boost to the sorbet. Enjoy-as there are still.

In short, and if it was to pimp out our dishes with the flavors of tea we also ? All the follies and all the combinations open to you.

Practical info :
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