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Algarve: 10 restaurants with your feet in the sand

We already know that when the weather is hot, the south of the country is the preferred destination of the Portuguese and not only. From the Windward to the Leeward side, there are many proposals to that the days (and nights) are spent at the beach with your feet in the sand. Cup in hand, while waiting for a grilled fish on the grill by experienced hands, a stew full of flavour or a seafood only built with sea water, there are proposals to make a meal with the sea for company. Follow the suggestions of Good Bed Good Table and find out the beach restaurants that promise, more than full meals, to create summer memories.

Purobeach Vilamoura Beachfront

On the beach in front of the hotel Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, this is a space completely renovated and it promises to be one of the highlights of the summer in the algarve. Immaculately white in the outside and inside, use and abuse of the bali beds (€190, with a bottle of champagne, selection of fresh fruit, cold rolled, bottle of water and towels or sun beds (from €40), in addition to massage services and a shisha. When the sun sets, the sand turns into a dance floor to the sound of the best DJs of the moment, accompanied by an extensive letter of signature cocktails. Since last week, Purobeach Vilamoura Beachfront also serves dinner, following the line of the call International Cuisine M3 (Melbourne, Miami and Marrakech), where they are visible to the asian influences and mediterranean. The kitchen is the responsibility of the chief to André Basto, which promises creative dishes and very flirty. The letter presents several seafood and fish dishes.
Vilamoura beach, Vilamoura. Tel. 289 303 303

AL.The SEA – Tapas by the Sea
This is a beach bar and restaurant, managed by the Hilton hotel Vilamoura, which bet on snacks and a kitchen light marine-inspired. The menu is divided into tapas frias and tapas from the cooker, with a Ham of acorn cut off at the moment (€15), Gazpacho with enclosed fries (€5,50), Cod baked in a bolo do caco(€10), octopus Salad with roasted peppers (€4), Shrimp chilli (€11), Clams bulhão Pato (€13,50), Tomatada algarve with quail egg poached (€3,50) and Croquettes oxtail with sauce aioli (€3/unit). Alternatively, you can opt for salads and burgers, but also Sandwiches of roast suckling pig (€14,50), in bread, locust bean gum, sauce, berries, arugula, onion and cheese smoked. For options more substantial, the menu offers tiger Prawns (€30), served with sautéed vegetables, and fruit & potato, rustic, fresh Fish of the day (€20) and Açorda of cod roe and shrimp (€15,50). Count on cocktails and other refreshing drinks.
Praia da Falésia, Albufeira/Vilamoura (the old Club H20). Tel. 289 153 861

Golden Beach
On top of the sand, this is not a “simple” beach restaurant, before a way of living the beach. Managed by Vila Vita Parc, the Golden Beach offers some facilities, such as “day beds” and hammocks, parties at sunset and even on Sundays between 12h00 and 16h00, a “Snack Chic”, inspired by the chiringuitos of the beach of Barcelona. Jamón ibérico, Queso Manchego, Croquetas de bacalao and chicken noodle soup traditional, punctuate the entries, followed by, as a main dish, a fantastic Paella of squid, shrimp, mussels and chicken cooked on the beach. The sounds of a Live DJ, reinforce the party atmosphere. The lunch costs €22.50 (without drinks). Throughout the summer, this beautiful restaurant, installed in the beach of Armação de Pêra, there is also a formal letter, where there are many salads, wraps, burgers, meat or fish (from €10,50), artisanal pizzas and various grilled meats and fish (from €11), in the always efficient Josper. To calm down the heat in the bar is more than 15 varieties of drinks with gin, and many cocktails.
Praia dos Pescadores, Armação de Pêra. Tel. 282 310 230

La Cigale
It is built on top of a rock and is surrounded by sand on the beach, which can cause the feeling of being in a boat on the beach. Within doors, with a huge glass windows, the room was completely remodeled, giving the feeling that the ocean is prolonged by the dining space. Perfectly integrated in one of the most traditional and picturesque beaches of the Algarve, naturally goes to the sea to seek the raw material for the preparation of the charter, which is changing according to the seasons. With the specialties in the grill to be the center of attention, it also offers food from the pan oriented and traditional, is made by an experienced team of cuisine (average price: €35). In hot weather, take advantage of the phenomenal terrace and the sound of the refreshing of the waves as company.
The beach of Olhos de Água, Albufeira. Tel. 289 501 637

Restaurant Canico

The path of the three decades of existence, the Reed is one of the most quaint restaurants and beach bars in the Algarve. Literally stuck on the cliff, seems to have gone out of the imagination of a fantastic movie. Certainly, here, many of the heroes of the saga “the Lord of The Rings” or even the protagonists of the most innocent d’ “The Chronicles of Narnia”, would not care to sit, eat and rest. On the first floor – the one where it arrives coming from the tunnel – is the perfect place to snack, eat a snack, drink a cocktail, or let themselves be carried away by the sweetness of a sangria of white wine. On the upper floor, are kept the treasures of the largest of this restaurant. The letter bet strong on seafood and fresh fish of the day. The prices are by weight. Thus, in the strand seafood restaurant, the Sea offers from the conquilha (€25/kg) to the sea (€30/kg), passing through the canilhas (€70/kg), by the prawns from the coast (from €50/kg), the razor clam (€65/kg) until you get to the lobster.
The beach of the Three Brothers – the Prainha Tourist Village. Tel. 282 458 503

Tea with salt water
In a wooden building, where the glass walls open out onto the Beach of Manta Rota, serve products from the coast, cooked based on traditional recipes, but with modern techniques and presentation carefully. Tuna tartar compound with arugula and crispy shallot or octopus sautéed with migado of baked sweet potatoes and sautéed greens are two options to get started. For main dishes you can choose between tuna loin braseado and black pork cheeks grilled, mashed mushrooms and bacon and sautéed vegetables. Finish up with a tiramisu of strawberry and ginger. In case of doubt, opt for the tasting menu (average price: €30), recently renovated, but that inspires always the regional flavours and in the sea, without failing to give due space to suggestions for more consistent, inspired by the hills of the algarve.
Beach support (UB3), Beach of Manta Rota, Manta Rota. Tel. 281 952 856

King of the Beaches
It is one of the classic beach restaurants, a trademark and a symbol of this area of the Algarve, offering, in addition to a restaurant, a poolside bar, to the beach, a panoramic lounge bar, an area concessioned on the beach, with wooden sun-loungers, and massages, and promotes the rental of kayaks, pedal boats and even a sailing ship, with tours of the algarve coast. The balcony is a mandatory space, although much disputed. The menu of the King of the Beaches bet on the traditional flavors, with a highlight, of course, for the grilled fresh fish, to the variations in salt and seafood. In the entries, find the Clams ” bulhão Pato (€19/300 gr.) and the Mackerel try (€9). To choose the fish, always has the possibility to take a peek at the exhibitor or, in the alternative, follow the suggestions of the team room.
Caneiros, Ferragudo. Tel. 282 461 006

Pézinhos N Sand
With more than 30 years of existence, has known how to renovate itself and evolve without losing the sympathy of the service and the family environment, sometimes difficult to maintain in the summer months. The restaurant is modern, with a bar at the entrance and several niches for a glass and two fingers of conversation (at night) or for a sangria and a snack (in the afternoon). The fresh fish and seafood dominate the letter (average price: €40), which is by the more traditional options and moves to mediterranean-inspired dishes, or international. The seafood rice with carabineros is an option for two, but don’t miss the ever famous th shrimp, served with rice and coriander.
Praia Verde, Castro Marim. Tel. 281 513 195

Here, there is no set menu, but at the entrance you can enjoy a showcase with the freshest fish and seafood. Replace two words with one who is service, choose what you want to eat, and even his own cooking. Then, sit down to enjoy the sand and the blue of the sea while waiting. For grilling, bream, bream are almost always guaranteed. The tiger shrimp is worth the investment, while the squid rice with coriander ensure total satisfaction (average price: €50). Still keeps the service of catering to the recreational boats here that walking in the summer, a “necessity” that ensures fixed customers to this restaurant and odd.
Evaristo beach, Sesmarias. Albufeira. Tel. 289 591 666

2 Steps
The new decor and the imposing building, erected on piles, and in the middle of the sands of the most exclusive beaches of the algarve, came to give new life to this classic gastronomic space. For the location, used the glass to build the walls of the room, which leaves the feeling to the customer of being to eat almost your feet in the sand. Bet on the best products, features a phenomenal spider crabs, just cooked in water from the sea and shredded, as well as some delicious jaquinzinhos and an unbelievable patties of lobster. The rice in the 2 Steps, made with raisins and that came with the prawns tiger made in the oven, it is mandatory option. Pay attention to the daily suggestions of fish and seafood, always made by experienced hand on the grill or in tasty casseroles (average price: €40).
Praia do Ancão, Quinta do Lago. Tel. 289 396 435

Text published in the Express Daily 20/07/2017

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