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Algarve: all the pleasure of the flesh… to the table!

There’s a lot more to prove in the heat of the Algarve, in addition to the traditional sardines, oysters from the Ria Formosa lagoon, seafood dishes cooked with the water of the sea and of the fish to the line, scaled and grilled, grilled with just a pinch of salt. In the restoration of the algarve, follow these tips of Good Bed Good Table and indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. Or come to the conclusion that at the table, “to be done to the steak” is not necessarily a bad thing.

Bovine’s Steakhouse
One of the most amazing novelties of the Fifth of the Lake is this restaurant, which, as the name indicates, has in the flesh in your larger specialty. With a glamorous atmosphere and exquisite, combines the luxury with the finest cuts of meat. Evil the letter gets to the hand of the customer, an employee surprises you with a table, where exposes the best cuts of the day to be treated to the taste of the client. There are eight options of steaks in the Beef Steakhouse, which pass through the loin, cutlet with bone whole or Wagyu australian, considered to be the most tender in the world. Choose from various side dishes and an exquisite selection of sauces. Cheesecake vanilla New York is way more sweet to end the meal. Average price: €40.
Roundabout 6, Quinta do Lago. Tel. 289 007 863

The Wolf Bar & Grill
In the letter stand out just the steaks, all grilled on a “Josper”, with dedicated and rapt attention. Divide, the proposals for “Black Angus”, with cuts from the “Loin” (€22), “the Fillet Mignon” (€28) and “T-Bone” with a minimum of 450 grams (€29), and “Argentina”, with the “Rib eye” (€18), “the Fillet Mignon” (€20) and “Chateaubriand” (€44). There are still “USES Black Angus” and various other offers, always coal. Located in one of the areas most quiet of the central algarve, The Wolf Bar & Grill takes over the terrace for dinner, the most protracted, where there are always suggestions of the day.
The road to the Lighthouse, 78, Carvoeiro. Tel. 282 354 022

Wild Fire
All the beef that arrives at the table is 100% natural and certified “Never Ever”. That is, it guarantees to customers that the animals have never received antibiotics, hormones, growth factors or feed. Therefore, a healthy product with a natural taste, rich in Omega 3, and low in saturated fats. It is suggested, slowly smoked, the Pianinho Pork Marinated (€17,50), the Titty Smoked with Bourbon (€19,50) or the Steak of Chuck Smoked (€18,50). The option of sharing to six people, in the restaurant Wild Fire, it costs €130, and includes chuck smoked, pianinho pork marinated, loin, pork, shredded, chops smoked with bourbon without the bone, titty, chicken breast of the field and roasted potatoes with garlic and onions, green beans sautéed, salad of red cabbage and mint.
Urbanization Vila Sol, Quarteira, Algarve. Tel. 289 095 813

Is located on the Beach of the Rock, and counteracts the natural tendency to bet on the fish to lure the customers. Open since 2008, was the first space in the Algarve grilling meat with the use of a Josper, getting to the kitchen to be used to provide training to the customers later. Domestic meat is only the Mirandese, the rest, works mainly with meat from South America, and also Australia. Highlights a flesh, american, empty, with a vein of fat that give it a texture and taste different. Then, in the Allbeef, there is always Chateaubriand and Tournedos ready to serve. The wine list has about 100 references, but there are always around 30 of a kind of special reserve, saved for any occasion. Average price: €30.
Rua da Falesia, Praia da Rocha, Portimão. Tel. 282 495 179

Parrilla Natural
The fact that if you will take, before entering, that this is a “South American Grill,” explains soon that will be expected to find in the letter. There is Sirloin Steak 200g or 300g, Sirloin Steak, open, Empty, or of the Chuck, a Chateaubriand for 2 (€62.50) and proposals to share, that may be for two or up to six diners, and that include, in the latter case, 350g Sirloin, 227g Empty, 227g Açem, 350g Rack of lamb, 350g Sausages and still 300g of chicken breast of the field (€115). It is recommended, in Parrilla Natural a look to the letter of burgers, all beef 100% natural, grilled and served in bread in the house.
IN 527, Encosta do Lobo, Almancil. Tel. 289 350 040

Luar da Foia
The privileged view over the serra de Monchique is justified by the fact that this restaurant is located in the Fóia, the highest point of the Algarve region. The panoramic terrace is the site of choice for those looking for a privileged contact with Nature, that by these bands is still in a pure state. Pork cheek with chestnuts, braised, are one of the options. The veal are made in the oven. There are still wild Boar with plums. Of the grid, in the Moonlight of the Foia, are served the secret of black pork and the phenomenal veal matured. Anyone who is able to dare, there’s always the challenge of trying to knock down on the plate a Tomahawk with a minimum of a pound. Average price: €20.
Estrada da Foia, Ceiceira, Monchique. Tel. 282 911 149

Butchers Restaurant In Almancil
The name does not deceive. Here is the meat who’s boss. Matured, from the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Ireland, or Scotland, is preserved on a machine that has the inner salt from the Himalayas, to help in the process. In the Butchers Restaurant in Almancil, in all, there are 10 options, all served on wooden boards, with flower of salt and peppers preserved in olive oil and garlic. You can choose between titty Black Angus (€11,90), Butcher Steak (€12,20), the New York Steak (€13,50), the T-Bone (€23,90) or the chuletón (€19,50€).
Street of Trade 286, Almancil. Tel. 289 356 196

Red Caster & Wine Vilamoura
You may want to book before you go, since it is only open for dinner. In practice, it is a carvery restaurant, traditional, in the style of Brazil or Argentina, where meat is the one who makes all the difference. in the Red Caster & Wine Vilamoura there is the classic steak, seasoned in various ways, the cake, the termite, short ribs, sausage tuscany, the lamb and one or another surprise. It works in the modality “All you can eat”, that is, there are no limits here to commit the sin of gluttony. The complete meal is €22,90, without Picanha is for €19,90.
Rua da Botelha, Edificio Delta Marina, Vilamoura. Tel. 927 601 827

Text published in the Express Daily 3/08/2017

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