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All of Portugal to the table of the restaurant O Paparico

Discreet, almost “secret”, the restaurant ” o Paparico guards-if in your world, and then prepares a warm and tranquil place to receive visitors at the Port. The woods and stone walls give you a rustic, which makes it more special when it combines the refinement. The Paparico sounds familiar, but at the same time seeks to freshness and innovation. It is in this fruitful dialogue that scale this restaurant Sérgio Cambas, plus one of the winners of the Golden Fork in the Guide Good Bed Good Table 2017.

From this marriage are born of experiences that make me vibrate, is the simplicity of the rituals and of the scenario, whether by the creativity applied in small surprises. Moments able to go on feeding the interest and collecting the smiles of the diners. You can choose between the à la carte service, the “Share Menu” or “Menu ” Took”. Are delivered to two maps with indications about the areas through which they pass the different pairs we can.

The open, a Broth of Lentils, “to warm up in cold weather”. Then, re-a picnic, or “Petiscada”. On the table, a mini-towel in chess, where if you land a variety of snacks – some recently added. There is Ham from Black iberian Pig, the region-of-Bounds (must have 40 months of healing and serves on a piece of toast with a touch of foie gras), Terrine of Veal with Port wine sauce and fennel, a tasty Salad of Tuna and Beans-the Friar, the Beira Litoral, with the right olive oil and vinegar foam and black-eyed peas, Oysters Alvor sauce with green glassworth , and still the Bacalhau à Brás, “created in Lisbon” and placed between crispy potato chips. A kind of “Back to Portugal” without leaving the site. The flavors of always, of collective memory, they are there, but presentation is fresh and unexpected.

In the meantime, savor the homemade bread dough, mother yeast, natural, accompanied by the traditional speak trás-os-montes and butter from goat’s milk.

The journey continues by sea, with a Regional Duck cold in Extremadura. Here, the salinity of the bivalve is enhanced by the plankton, and, to make it even better advantage of the clams, it is suggested the freshness of the 100 Equal to 2015, a white vinho verde from Amarante.

The Grouper Tomatada makes the transition to the excellent “Arroz de Lavagante Azul, which you’ll want to repeat time and time again… The proposed “maritime” doesn’t stop here. Doing justice to the extension of the Portuguese coast and fish, and quality that comes out of the deep waters, it is the time of the typical red Mullet à Setubalense, which comes with a stew of your liver, “delicate”. In the field of drinks, serves a Cheetahs 1984, Necklaces, single-variety Malvasia.

Back on land, here are two proposals for the meat lovers, as the interesting Bit of the Cow the old manor house (maturity of 60 days), an approach “from the tail to the head” that works multiple dimensions of the raw material. Includes the moleja, cecina, and even a “thousand leaves” of cabbage. Already the Deer from the region of Trás-os-Montes, more recent, comes enriched with jus, truffle and detail the green of the watercress. Accepted the advice of the sommelier, Rui Costa, and is served a Dona Maria Reserva red 2005, to keep track of. Passed in review the main moments and now with the finish line in sight, there is that “lighten”… As a pre-dessert, the sublime green Apple with lemon and crumble pistáchio, a novelty that the house in perfectly with the “low alcohol content and high component citrus, freshness and acidity” of the Sun Docile 2016.

A Messias Tawny with more than 40 years is chosen to shine the dessert. Impossible not to smile with the Egg Soft, a playful approach, which “plays” a little with this symbol of Aveiro. A chicken made of glass saves one “egg” in a nest of wires eggs, that recreate the straw. The base is a crumble of walnuts with cinnamon. The shape and consistency of the “egg” are covered by a thin layer of ice cream, made with vanilla ice cream, and the filling is foam cream egg. The curious can also ask for the new and very well presented Almond transmontana, in various textures: cream, ice cream, liqueur and a covering of dark chocolate. To go without time of return…

The restaurant O Paparico (Rua de Costa Cabral 2343, Porto, portugal. Tel. 225 400 548) is open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday from 19h30 to 23h00. Average price: €90.

Guia Boa Cama Boa Mesa 2017

With the restaurant Paparico, the Good Bed Good Table continues its round of weekly by the award-winning the edition 2017 of the Guide Good Bed Good Table, when we are a few months to get to know the winners of this year. Record the list of the best, in article Guide Good Bed Good Table Restaurant on site and Belmond Reid’s Palace are due in 2017

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