Amarante celebrates São Gonçalo with temptations to the table

Good food, culture and hiking. This is the menu of an end-of-week gastronomic in that (almost) all roads lead to Amarante. On days 12, 13 and 14 January, the municipality celebrates its patron saint, São Gonçalo, with a program “appetizing”.

There are weighty reasons not to miss at the tenth edition of the initiative Weekends Gastronomy, promoted by the Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal, in conjunction with the municipalities. To satisfy the appetite, there are local specialties such as cabrito serrano roasted, smokehouse traditional – where to fit the ham, the sausage and the bacon, the veal arouquesa or maronesa and cod. Restaurants such as the Joe to the Pavement, the Tavern of the Rabbit, the Tasquinha of the Bridge and the Poor Fool are some of the many establishments compliant.

Still in tune with the pleasure of gluttony, do not let to spend in the historic Patisserie of the Bridge, where confecionam sweets, as the lérias, the rockets, the puffiness of the angel, and cakes of S. Gonçalo. Nor of purpose, day 13, between 16: 00 and 18: 00, held a conference on “Sweets and their secrets”, with the presence of Cristina Castro, the author of the collection “Portuguese Sweets”, Isabel Maria Fernandes, director of the Museum of Alberto Sampaio, the Palace of the Dukes of Braganca and Guimarães Castle, and the researcher Anabela Ramos. Learn more about the history of this pastry, you can watch a practical demonstration of the manufacture of candy and participate in a tasting. Meeting scheduled for the auditorium of the Municipal Library Albano Sardoeira (the old Monastery of Santa Clara), in Largo de Santa Clara.

For sleeping there are also many options, such as the House from the Sidewalk, right in the city centre, the renovated Hotel Navarras, Pousada do Marão – S. Gonçalo, the Monverde – Wine Experience Hotel, and the new Des Arts Hostel and Suites.

Hiking and museums

The usual walk in the Paths of São Gonçalo, which is the responsibility of the Douro Tâmega Expeditions, will take place on Sunday. Begins at 9: 00, next to the Spa Amarante. The route is nine kilometres can be done on foot, bike or horse.

In Amarante, the Municipal Museum Amadeo de Souza Cardoso, the Home of the Grange and the churches of S. Dominic and of S. Gonçalo worth a visit. Take a peek also to the Interpretative Centre of the Memoirs of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Amarante or Museum Acácio Lino, in Travanca.

The eucharistic celebrations take place in the Church of São Gonçalo on Saturday, at 17: 30 and on Sunday at 11: 00 and 18: 00. At the end of each religious celebration is made the traditional blessing and gift of dried figs, in honour of the saint, where we give thanks and calls for a “new year, fruitful and favourable”.

For more information, contact the Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal or the municipality of Amarante.

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