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Antiqvvm: the wonderful world of Vítor Matos

Moved to a location symbolic, the old Solar do Vinho do Porto. And gives the idea that, as in the case of the nectars valuable here if promoted, also the chef Vítor Matos will finding each year new ways to transcend. A long time ago that are no longer “only” the gardens, the Crystal Palace and the indescribable view over the Douro to stay in the memory, in this place. Now that it is up to the sky, the kitchen of the restaurant Antiqvvm looking for new limits…

The simple elegance of the space, together with the design and the green of the vine, it is reassuring. There is no need to have it all. In addition to the à la carte service, gives to choose from the menu “Tradition Renewed” (eight times, €95; pairing wine for €50), which is a trip “revisited” by Portugal, or the “Assays” (ten times, €125; pairing wine from €70), an approach more “internationalized, free and fun”, where he explores the more technical and product.

From the first moment that the service of the restaurant Antiqvvm (the Street of entre-Quintas, 220, Porto, portugal. Tel. 226 000 445) if short in contextualizing the menu. Must be a trip tasty, yes, but also an opportunity to get to know better the universe of the chef. A seated, five snacks show paths as diverse as portugal, the Cod Marinated, the contrasts of the Cornetto, the shrimp in brik with curry of the Discoveries and Peanuts, excellent reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet, with the cheese and quince.

Greetings, as the Memories of the Algarve and your lobster blue, you should have the letter of the law. The most southern region of the country is called brought in different textures, taste and image. Not missing the orange, the oysters of the Ria Formosa and a creamy drawing the waves break on the beach… Brilliant combination of ingredients and beautiful presentation.

Italy and the sea

The classic foie gras comes with eel smoked, and the presence of refreshing Moscatel from the Douro, of the drops of gel elderberry and beet. Good preparation for the amazing… La Bella Italia! Only lack even hear music playing and see people dancing because, of rest, the party is all in the dish! There’s burrata, a curious spaghetti and arugula (the mirror technique), different textures of the tomatoes, the balsamic of Modena, olive oil and the pesto. Molto buono!

Returns of Italy and part of new, uncertain fate. Will the unpredictable ocean currents to decide. In Coral, scallop and home-made ravioli shrimp “drink” of the emulsion of tarragon and sparkling. Wind up in big with the caviar imperial and the Trompetas of Death. With the movement of the Surf comes another classic, the bass of the sea. The force of the ocean adds the clams, algae, and mussels… And serves up a Dome 2016, the Douro, to harmonize. Not satisfied, Vítor Matos dives to the seabed to bring to the surface the mullet. This time, uses fewer elements than is usual in your kitchen to lean on the inspiration of the roman god Neptune: codium, resembling coral in form, emulsion of sea urchin, courgete, foam, algae, and cannelloni shrimp, only policeman and red mullet.

Green Meadow and candy

The winds bring now the dinner-sailor for firm ground. First the duck, inspired by the “Canard à L’orange” and served with a red wine Casa da Passarella, of the Give. Walks-if, then, the Green Meadow, the right time to present the lamb. In addition to the turnips and bread, herbal, enhancement to the sauce the root of chervil, an “element delicate which contrasts with the strength of the flesh”, explains the service.

The menu will be long, but not too dense. As happens in every dish, the meal is managed in a balanced manner in the quantities and in different flavors. The Scent of Citrus and Floral, leads to a foam of gin and citrus in the form of cake and ice cream. A volte-face flavours, anticipating the arrival of the pine Cone Oriental, where he plays with the textures of green tea Matcha. It is the complex, wonderful, and even the unfathomable world of Vítor Matos to record the experiences in memory…

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