Avenue SushiCafé: are there new traditional japanese dishes to know

Near one of the most important arteries of the city of Lisbon, the restaurant Avenue SushiCafé prepared five new dishes inspired by the essence of the japanese tradition, which promise to meals cozy this winter. The news are only available at lunch.

Lift up the cloth. For a start, Ebi fritters (€12) combines vegetables, shrimp and seaweed in tempura and served with rice and sauce tentsuyu (fish broth, soy sauce mirim). This dish can be described as a “patanisca japanese”. Will find out why after the first bite. The following is the Unaju (€18) consists of freshwater eel, with pickles on rice gohan, the one who habitually eats in the pieces of sushi.

Another of the novelties for lunch is the Dote nabe (€16), which joins vegetables, mussels, mushrooms and tofu in a clear broth japanese paste of fermented soybeans. The following is in the list, Katsudon (€13) served in a box typically japanese. It’s a simple dish and delicious with rice at the base and breaded pork, cebolada and egg over the top.

The end back-tacking is done with Sukiyaki (€40 for two people), which brings together vegetables, meats and noble mass shirataki, all cooked in soy broth with mirim and fish broth. The dish is finished at the table by the customer himself. The suggestion of the chief executive officer of the Avenue SushiCafé, Daniel Rente, is that you leave the meat to cook in the broth. When you are at the point that best suits you, pass it along with the pasta and the vegetables, egg and goma tare.

For the less adventurous, the classic Avenue SushiCafé continue in the letter. The first suggestion is Wagyu truffle sashimi (€18,50), which combines tataki empty of Wagyu beef with truffle and tempura shimeji. The other is Kisetsu sashimi (€29,50), which translates into five and twenty pieces of sashimi of fish varied over the ice. Already in the dessert choose the Matchamitsu (€5,50), a tiramisú with green tea, or Kabotcha cheesecake (€5), a cheesecake, sweet pumpkin and cinnamon, with pevides crispy.

The restaurant Avenue SushiCafé (Rua Barata Salgueiro, 28, Lisbon. Tel. 211 928 158) opened in 2011, offers four spaces: the bar, the bar, the zone and japanese zone curl. The sophistication and the lines of avant-garde, are prevalent in the decor of this restaurant, but the final touch is given by the reasons japanese, that will finding here and there, and that helps to make any meal a true oriental experience.

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