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Avenue SushiCafé: unlikely Combinations, and without prejudice of flavors

Led by chief Daniel Rente, the restaurant Avenue SushiCafé, in Lisbon, took the new season to make a change, not only the letter, but of the concept that serves as the basis for the dishes presented. The restaurant now has a letter with “unlikely combinations, without prejudice of flavors is surprising but it is not too far from what is truly japanese cuisine of today”, explains Daniel Rente. The attention on the diversity of the product, especially the fish and its relationship with the japanese gastronomy, was heightened, and this can be observed with the new charter.

Among the novelties are the Kisetsu Sashimi, 25 pieces of fish varied of our coast (€29,50) and the Otsukuri, composed of 14 pieces of fish on ice (€18,50). Still on ice, is the Lobster & Umi Moriawase (€58). Also in premiere, the Lily Australian (Hammashi), sharing the plate with a vinaigrette of pesto with salt and black (€12), and the Himalayan Salt Rock Sashimi, chutoro tuna served on a stone of pink salt from the Himalayas, with passion fruit, fresh (€10). You can also count on new Gunkans, with tuna in place of the usual salmon, foie gras and confit of red onion (between €8 and €10,50).

Another of the bets of the new charter and the concept of Avenue SushiCafé (Rua Barata Salgueiro, 28, Lisbon. Tel. 211 928 158) is the return of the empty Wagyu is considered the best meat in the world. As an example, it is suggested Wagyu Truffle (€20), in which the meat is accompanied by tempura mushroom shimeji, olive oil, truffle and black truffle. In version maki, is also four units of this meat, marinated and braseada, with crab and kizami wasabi (€13).

The choice of the letter is divided into sushi, sashimi, tataki, usuzukuri, nigiri, gunkan and maki and also features an original selection of desserts, which includes Sundae miso (€6,50), an ice cream, cream and caramel miso crumble Oreo’s and cookie waffle; and Tempura ice (€6,50), composed of vanilla ice cream in tempura and crumble rocha pear PDO.

Alternatively, the tasting menu (€65), consisting of eight dishes, including the most striking of the new charter, which guarantees an approach to very complete the job of chief Daniel Rente. Tell also, as it is part of the tradition of the Avenue SushiCafé, with a children’s menu (€12,50).

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