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Bar Beer Cue: here Comes the biggest barbecue ever in the Algarve!

What they have in common the maestro Andre Rieu, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osborne, Julio Iglesias and the cast of Cirque du Soleil? No, not going to be in the Algarve in march. But all of you are fans of Paula Labaki, the chief brazilian that joins haute cuisine to a spectacle of sensory and that is one of the organizers of this barbecue. Next to Samuel Rose, head, natural of Vila Real de Santo António, and the other seven chief guests, from various countries, currently in the Mèm Restaurant, promise to make the greatest barbecue that the Algarve already proven.

Put the meat on the grill. It seems simple, but like everything that involves food, a barbecue has much to say about them. Especially when it becomes a Bar Beer Cue elaborated by the team of chefs international, accustomed to producing the best meats in the world.

Prepared with techniques in brazil and argentina, two countries where they originate from some of the best meats in the world, this great culinary treat is scheduled for Saturday, 10 march, between 16h00 and 22h00.

To the command of the meeting of the gastronomic Bar Beer Cue and the kitchen, which is not limited to grela, are the renowned Paula Labaki – in-chief and founder of the Catering Lena Labaki with a strong commitment to a cuisine that is both an artistic performance and sensory, and Samuel Rose, chief resident in the Mèm Restaurant, in the town of Goldra, Loulé, a space that distinguishes itself by focusing on local seasonal products and the cuisine of the region.

The hosts to join seven other colleagues in the promise to prepare a memorable barbecue. The Bar Beer Cue takes place in the Garden of the Avenue of the Republic (in front of the captaincy and the River Guadiana), in Vila Real de Santo António, and, in addition to the slope dining, also has a large visual component, since will be used several techniques of fire to prepare the food.

The entry in this Bar Beer Cue costs €10 (€5 for children aged 7 to 12 years) and allows you to taste all the dishes here made. Tickets are on sale on the site.

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