Bar of the Sea: Inspired by the Atlantic

Oh salty sea, how much of your salt are tears of Portugal! Sang the poet greater, Fernando Pessoa, underlining the proximity to the ocean in the lives of all the Portuguese. Today, we have conquered other aspects of the sea, sailing quietly through the waters well-known: flavours as our as the traditional th or sardines in canned food made in the restaurant, or, fresquíssimas, the stews, and with a sauce, in a kitchen of comfort where fit innovative details and contemporary.

The Bar of the Sea is not a seafood restaurant, not a fish restaurant: new concept, inserted in the bb gourmet Maiorca (R. António Cardoso, 301, Porto, portugal. Tel. 226 092 003), is an island where live cooking, with 25 beds arranged in the balconies that surround the central space. “A space of sharing and experimentation, where each meal refer to flavours known, for memories buds, but with a contemporary approach, “explains Fernanda Santos, co-owns the space with Jorge Santos, underlining the vocation to “Thetlântico-mediterranean, which is a vector of fundamental of our guidance of cuisine”, based on the connection timeless sea, here an approach is “uncomplicated and democratic, accessible to all and for all ages”, concludes.

This also reveals a concern with the sustainability, not only the privileging of the products of the time, but serving them in small portions, which guarantee a minimum waste.

The proposal of the Bar of the Sea passes through choose several dishes, inviting you on a journey of discovery, and ensuring the variety of supply and prices (from €15 to €25), in combinations of two dishes, or choosing à la carte, among various proposals.

“Cod and peppers, Shrimp, and chili or “chicken Soup” of the sea with brunesa of vegetables (all €6,50); Screws of the Sea (€8), Pataniscas of cod (€6,50) or Souflé fish (€7) are appetizing entries.

The following are Scallops grilled (€15), tiger Shrimp grilled and sauce pearls (€19), the Cod on the plate, potatoes to slice and onion crisp (€12), Rogue fish several (€12) or our stew (€12), the hypotheses of dishes more dense, the combine with the following trimmings: Potatoes, salt or white sauce (€3); sautéed Spinach (€3,50), Mashed carrot algarve (€3,50) or Tupinambo (€4) and Risotto of asparagus and lima (€6), among other possibilities.

Inaugurated last Thursday, may 10, after the works that have increased the capacity and comfort of this space in the Avenida da Boavista, the Bar of the Sea of bb gourmet Maiorca is open daily between 12: 30 and 23: 30; on Saturday and Sunday from 19h30 to 22h30. In addition to the restaurant, is complemented by a store that allows you to take home some of these flavours linked to the sea.

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