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Barracuda by the Sea Me: there’s fresh fish in Amoreiras

There will be a lot of people that has gotten inside of a submarine. But the cinematic picture of the floor under the water, through the sea, with fish of various sizes passing through the hatches, are present in the imaginary film of almost all people. When you enter the Barracuda by Sea Me, in the Shopping Center of Amoreiras, is this the image that comes to your head. There are hatches, there is the house of the machines, plate rusted and, of course, a lot of fish to prove it.

The new restaurant Barracuda by Sea Me is the seventh space of the group Sea Me in Lisbon. After the two Sea Me in Chiado and Cais do Sodré, and the Studs a Fish spread by the Prince Royal, Saldanha, Alvalade and the Ribeira Market, it is time to submerge in the shopping centers. But not if they’re going to stay here. There are plans to open two more in the near future, whose concepts even are already decided. Later this year open the doors of a Meat to Me, that will be close to the São Luiz Theater, and there are still in the pipeline a tavern asian, this time in the neighborhood of Alvalade.

Returning to the interior of the Barracuda by Sea Me, immerse yourself now in the letter, where it dominates, naturally, the fish, without leave of whether to serve the flesh. The letter is divided by themes such as nautical, each reporting a phase of the meal. The entries are referred to in the section “To berth” and bring Patty Cockle, Petinga in Tomato and Bifana à moda do Porto (€1.50 a unit). The following are “the Fish of The Admiral” with a Bifana of Tuna, based on New Sales (€6), the Tartar of fish of the Sea Me (€7), Nuggets of Grouper (€7) and Meatballs, Salmon and Ginger (€7).

Arriving later, at the restaurant Barracuda by Sea Me, the Burger of Salmon and Cuttlefish, Nail a Fish on bolo do caco in cuttlefish ink (€7), the Fillet of sea Bass (€9,50) and the Fillet of Turbot (€10,50). Each of these dishes can be served as a menu, in addition to €1, and comes with a drink.

The meats in the Barracuda by Sea to Me come under the denomination of “The meat of the Commodore” and have a Steak shaved with 220 grams, with egg to hang and in ” bolo do caco da Madeira (€7) and a Tataki of chicken with citrus fruit (€7). “Before you sail”, which is like the one who says to dessert, there are Salad fruits of the season, the Tarte almond Gluten-free and chocolate Cake Grandfather Joe Benedict (€2).

The Barracuda by Sea to Me is in the Shopping Center of Amoreiras, Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, LT 7, shop 3024 in Lisbon. It is open every day.

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