Basement 23 or when a restaurant turns into a bar desserts

Who never wanted a meal made up just for the desserts, which if steadily. In children, at least, almost all of them had this appetite, in one or another occasion. Today, 20 September, the dinner in the restaurant Basement 23, in Torel Palace, features a menu only composed desserts. This style of menus are already in practice in cities such as New York and London, where there are bars specialized in these banquets, sui generis. In Portugal, this restaurant in the centre of Lisbon inaugurates this convention and promises the originality and mix of flavors.

On the dishes from the menu, still a lot is covered by the secrecy of the heads. But we can say that the meal will start with proposals more acidic and less sweet and this trend begins to reverse in the course of the dinner. Traveling between reinterpretations of traditional sweets Portuguese, chocolates made from the root and even asian influences, tell with dishes such as Pear, chocolate and coriander and Kindergarden with sauce estrelitas.

The restaurant Basement 23 will turn up in the Dessert Bar Pop Up just this evening, 20 September, so this may very well be the only opportunity to sample this special menu. Leave the suspicion aside and take your chances on this complete experience that will be crafted six hands, by the chief Bernardo Agrela Basement 23, the pasteleira of the Cave, Rafaela Albuquerque, a graduate from the Cordon Bleu in Madrid and Jane Xardoné, head and pasteleira formed in the School Espaisucre in Barcelona, ex-2780 Taberna and ex-Apicius.

The space in this restaurant Basement 23 (Rua Câmara Pestana, 23 Lisbon. Tel. 218298071) will suffer some changes in order to receive this event. The room will display as a kind of stage tables to the back of a bookend to central where they will be completed and empratadas part of the desserts. In total, the menu (€70) includes ten desserts and harmonisation with wines and sparkling wines special, exclusively natural, organic, and biological.

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