Beira Interior: 10 restaurants that pay homage to the territory

There is not an indisputable manner, to baptize and to delimit this range of the national territory which, generally, identifies himself as the Beira Interior. To this guide Good Bed Good Table, that points to paths for the best gastronomy of the beiras region, have been considered in several municipalities of the districts of Guarda, Castelo Branco, Viseu and Coimbra. More important that delimit this region is to point out suggestions of restaurants that pay homage to this territory and its gastronomic heritage. As in Pedrógão, also in this region, “tourism is important to the areas affected by the fires. Up to heal wounds”.

Restaurant 3 Barrels (Tondela)
This classic of the restoration of the beira region, was born in 1992 and took the granite walls of a former wine cellar, winery and other rooms to support the preparation of the wine, to build a beautiful space for celebration dining. Today it has five rooms of meal, each with a different environment, with the granite to serve as the reason of common decoration. Has 16 plates fixed where cod is king, with highlight to the Cod to the 3 Barrels, and six daily news, always with the cookbook site to serve as the basis for each. Bet on the wines of the Dão for harmonisation with the letter, but presents exemplary representative of the whole of the country. Average price: €15
The street of Santo Amaro, 966, Tonda. Tel. 232 816 851

Quinta de Cabriz (Carregal do Sal)
Young, ambitious, and determined, the kitchen team meets perfectly in time to create dishes based on regional products and, at the same time, to promote the harmonisation with the excellent wines of the producer which gives name to the restaurant. The room is fine, comfortable and with luxury details, deserving attention of the great octopus, and the roast lamb in the oven, already symbols of the gastronomic offer in this restaurant. Enjoy the options of wine by the glass Quinta de Cabriz and follow with attention the evolution of the charter promises, to brief and with regular basis, present news. Average price: €25
Quinta de Cabriz, EN 234, Carregal do Sal. Tel. 232 961 222

Zé Pataco (Them)
Even before you get the menu appear on the table a few small dishes with various types of regional sausages to entertain, but at the same time to explain that there the food is traditional, authentic, and without great inventions. Prepare the best products with the experience of years in cooking and ensures generous doses and perfect to share. In the main room of the restaurant Zé Pataco, another more reserved, or in the garden, dare to taste the best flavors of Beira, are the greaves, the chanfana, or the already famous “Sole à Zé Pataco”, a beef steak that is distinguished by the size. The modern living room win the sympathy of the customer service. Average price: €15.
Rua do Comércio, 124, Canas de Senhorim. Tel. 232 671 121

The Luciana Oliveira de Frades)
The press wine, with over 300 years at the end of the room, and the animal troughs, processed in the sink, are pleased to announce a house with connection to the field. And it is precisely this that feels in the meals that Luciana Cardoso Fernandes proposes three decades. The famous bacalhau à Luciana, the veal from Lafões, kid, to baker, rice bean as a rabbit or cabidela mass skein are some of the dishes that draw customers from all over the country. To the side of the road, with a decoration of rural environment, the restaurant Luciana continues to treat customers as family. In addition to the letter, the house wine can be green or mature, but boasts the label “Restaurant ” Luciana”. Average price: €15
Residential Couple of Sejães, EN 333-3, Oliveira de Frades. Tel. 232 799 343

Typical wine-cellar of the Sentence (São Pedro do Sul)
Gets out of breath just to look at the Village of Worth, nestled in the bottom of the valley of the Serra de São Macário, with ten houses and seven inhabitants. In this isolated place, there are twenty years, a family run restaurant receives those who come in. If the day is pleasant, the outdoor terrace, under the vines, is a pleasant. The menu of the Typical wine-Cellar of the Penalty is not extensive, but it is prepared with care. To begin with, ham, cheese, cured and corn bread. The owner, Alfredo Brito, is in charge of the grill, where are the grilled meats – lamb, steak, veal chop and febras, which joins, on the table, the salad and the clay pot with the rice and beans still bustling, prepared by the woman, Ana. Also if they sell “souvenirs”, such as heather honey from the tenement collapsed by the own who is also a beekeeper. Average price: €15
Village of Worth, Covas do Rio, são Pedro do Sul. Tel. 232 731 808

Camel (Seia)
It is a classic of restoration in the region of the Serra da estrela. With doors opened since 1935, went from always in the good regional food, preserving the recipes and enhancing traditional flavors. Are a must the homemade cold meats, such as sausage with turnip greens, to the beginning of the meal, or cottage cheese with heather honey. Every day there are kid on the mountain, feijoada da Beira and, of course, bacalhau com broa. Tell still, at the restaurant Camel with a dessert that brings together the best in the sweets of the region. It’s called “happy Marriage”and join the sweet rice-milk-cream. Average price: €20
Eurosol Seia-Camelo, Avenida 1º de Maio, 16, Seia. Tel. 238 310 100

The Buke (Pampilhosa da Serra)
The creativity of the young chef Flávio Silva has become one of the main reasons to face the harshness of the path and discover the town of Pampilhosa da Serra. Full of determination and talent managed to, gradually, put the dining room of the restaurant that commands the center of attention dining across the region. Delicate, creative and at the same time clinging to the roots and to the tradition, it manages to surprise each proposal presented in the Buke. The Cod with mashed sweet potatoes, mashed broccoli, leaf, salt, ham and olive oil dehydrated is, for now, the greatest symbol of creativity in growing up. Find out also about the “tigelada”, which takes the dish to the whole of the Beira Serra and the chocolates from the author. Average price: €25
Villa Pampilhosa Hotel, Rua Arlindo de Almeida Esteves, Lote 8, And Pampilhosa da Serra. Tel. 235 590 010

Santo Amaro (Sertã)
Two rooms make this space, open since 1975, already considered as a classic in the locality and in the region. Here is preserved the local cuisine, insisting on the presentation of dishes that bring to the table the tradition, not allowing specialties timeless as the Stomach or the Maranhos ever disappear. There is still, in Santo Amaro, the comfortable tender goat baked in the oven, and some innovation as in the case of the chicken with sauce of wild fruits. Start the meal with a fish soup. Finish by regional sweets, where stands out the “tigelada” of the beira region. Average price: €20
Rua dos Bombeiros voluntários, Serta. Tel. 274 604 115

The cellar of the Appalachians (Oleiros)
In the back of a house with a view of the street seems to particular, stands this house, designed to keep alive the tradition. The name comes from the presence in ancient times of the Appalachians in the region, the proposals of the charter of the expertise of generations. There are no presentations cared not even dishes made. The pots, pans and trays, in the Cellar of the Appalachians are brought to the table without fear, only full of aromas and flavors. Every day there is a different dish, usually made in a wood burning oven at the end of the week, at night, a rotation of tidbits of inspiration from beira, perfect for sharing. Average price: €15
Rua Senhora das Neves, the Rocker. Tel. 272 654 257

Roots Restaurant & Bar (Oliveira do Hospital)
As the name implies, the Roots Restaurant & Bar was to seek to the roots of the basis to then present dishes reconstructed and pleasant not only in view as to the palate. Under the tutelage of chief Anderson Miotto arise from proposals such as the kid, always with the concern of giving primacy to the local producers. The wine list accompanies the bet in the region, giving emphasis to Give, with a special focus on small-scale producers. The space is complemented by the bar which offers a la carte cocktail of the author and for the whooping cough, the express Roots, served with a few caresses. Average price: €25
Aqua Village – Health Resort & Spa, Main street, 1, Caldas de São Paulo. Tel. 238 249 040

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