Belcanto is the 75th best restaurant in the world

Are already known the restaurants that occupy the places between 50 and 100 of the list of “Best Restaurants in the World” by 2018. The position of the british magazine Restaurant, which promises to announce soon the top 50, the restaurant of José Avillez climbs 10 places compared to last year. It is the only restaurant in the country to join this list.

The rating achieved by the Belcanto comes months after José Avillez have received, at the award presentation ceremony of the prize of the guide Good Bed Good Table, the Prize of Chef of the Year 2018. This is the second time that is allocated to such a distinction (the first was in 2013), and is justified by the route odd, that became the largest of the heads of national and a reference at the international level.

Also in February, the chef José Avillez was the winner of the “Grand Prix de l’art de la Cuisine”, which rewards “the best cook of the year”, and that is assigned by the International Academy of Gastronomy. With this prize, José Avillez has joined a group of the best in the world, which includes names such as Alex Atala, who recently went through Portugal, Joan Roca, Alain Ducasse or Heston Blumenthal.

The news of the position 75 in the list of “Best Restaurants in the World” follows on from the news that those responsible for the Michelin guide – will be held in Lisbon, at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, the Gala iberian annual 2019.

José Avillez was the first Portuguese chef to be awarded two stars by Michelin in the restaurant Belcanto in Lisbon. Fork of Platinum and Boss of the Year in 2013 for the guide Good Bed Good Table, it is also responsible for the restaurants in the Alley, Mini Bar or the District of Avilez, and yet by the Cantinho do Avillez in Lisbon and in Porto.

Currently, the Group José Avillez is responsible for the management of the group Capricciosa, entered the capital in the group Caffeine, in Porto, Vasco Mourão, and purchased the restaurant Largo, in front of the award-winning Belcanto. Also opened recently the Canteen Joe Avilez, a concept of family kitchen Portuguese in the Field of Onions in Lisbon and the Cantinho do Avillez in the Park of Nations in Lisbon.

It is also responsible for the District Avillez, which brings together concepts as different as a grocery store, a tavern, and a patio, to which are added the Alley and the Canteen Peruvian with the chief of the peruvian Diego Muñoz. At the end of 2017 brand presence in the Gourmet Experience of El Corte inglés with three different concepts: the Tavern Chic, a sophisticated restaurant and contemporary Portuguese flavors, the Alligator, a meat eater, a vegetarian, and the Bar Cascabel, a space with the best flavors of mexican that is the result of a partnership with chef Roberto Ruiz.

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