Biglove Caffè : the new-born team Big Mamma

Biglove Caffè

30 Rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris 3

Filles du Calvaire

Open all days from 9h to 23h
Brunch all day !

Biglove Caffè, the new kid on the team Big Mamma, has put his bags street Debeylleme in the High Marsh. There are, of course, the charm of her elders : her beautiful small dishes, its servers, italians, warm and above all, her delicious dishes from the Boot – with, as a bonus, a brunch is served all day!

In the series of restaurants and parisian cafes, I ask the baby of the family Big Mamma : good pick ! Even before crossing the door of the Biglove Caffè, we knew that we would belong not disappointed with this dinner.

After East Mamma, Ober Mamma and Mamma Primi, Biglove has something to appeal to lovers of kitchen ritale : Italian coffee shop open almost all day, makes brunch all day and, of course, dishes worthy of its predecessors – with a touch of originality on the pizza dough, now gluten-free (but still deliciosa).

Where the Biglove Caffè denotes, it is also in the decor and in the atmosphere. We find among the younger of the open kitchen and the friendliness of its big sisters, but the restaurant’s walls are covered with wooden shelves which are full of condiments, bags of dried fruit, liquor, and canned goods, grocery gourmet.

A room in length, antique furniture, a large desk and leather seating, orange – not forgetting the sausages and huge pieces of bidoche that sits in the top of the bay window. In short, a nice spot of good living as much as a cosy café !

For this dinner, we let ourselves be guided by the servers to the accent irresistible, we advise, first, a bottle of red wine Valpolicella to accompany our dishes : pizza burrata generous (16,5€) and lasagna bolognese to fall (14€). Bonissimo!

After such a meal, we are so fed that even the pancakes with blueberries which is so much talked about will have to wait until our next visit. Same for the pasta with black truffles from Molise (18€), of which the smell of the next table made us salivate.

Only problem is that still impossible to book. Same principle as for the other signs : we call you when it is your turn. A meal at the Biglove Caffè, it has to be earned, but it is honestly worth it.

Practical info :
Biglove Caffè, 3rd district
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Open all days from 9h to 23h continuous
Brunch is served all day
65 seats, without reservation
Rates : Entries 7-11€, Pasta 12-18€, pizza gluten free 13-16,5€, cocktails 7 to 12€
Dishes from the brunch 7-13€, juice 5-7€