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Bisca of 3 in the Mouraria: shuffle, prove it and come back to give

Music, dance, food, drink and fun. The feast of the Popular Saints, which take account of the streets of Lisbon, was the environment chosen for the first “tournament” of Bisca of 3, new pop up diner that joins the consultant and the epicure Nuno Noble to chefs Louis Rodrigues and Vasco Lello. They share the desire to introduce the best flavors of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

The inspiration was the card game popular from bisca… Gave up three pots and three friends, who met in one of the corners of the Mouraria neighbourhood in Lisbon and was born, with the naturalness of one who whips out a trump, a project that will repeat itself “at any place or event that makes sense to cook and share flavors of Portuguese ever”.

The first “departure” is a play days 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 of June, from 19h, (days 7 and 10 until 23h, 8 and 9 up to 2h and day 12 up to 4h). The Draw of the 3 installs on the 11th the Camp of the Association Renew Mouraria, located in the Largo da Rosa, in Lisbon.

The letter: in the Mouraria will parade lupins, a Trifana pork (4), with its neck, belly and bacon, Sandwiches mystique of ham and cheese of cow, Half undone of cod roast in the live coal (5), baby Birds fried (4), Sandwiches chicken à Bairrada or a jack Off of cod. The “wok of the day” is going to smell the Snails, Moelas, Dicks, Hand of the cow or the Soup of stone – “soon to see what we feel like at the time,” say the three of bisca airada. For dessert, the wonderful aroma with the chocolate Mousse. Beverages, beer, wines and two cocktails author: Bisca-Lick (€5, with sour cherries) and the BagaSour (€5, with marc national).

The Draw of the 3 part of a research on the history of the Portuguese cuisine, the identification of traditional recipes and creating menus inspired by a gastronomic moments that have marked epochs, and the tables of illustrious figures (writers and other public figures). “In this party there is a place for everyone, from the local out to the street to celebrate the Santo António to tourists looking for an authentic experience in Lisbon with lots of music, dancing, food, drink and fun”, announce the organisers.

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