Bistro 100 maneiras: the new letter that came out of the cold, by Ljubomir Stanisic

The Bistro 100 Ways is the restaurant where the best if you can try to apprehend this universe “ljubomiriano”, recognized between ports, but also internationally. Thus, for these days, and confirming that the seasonality of the product needs to be respected and praised for it, the chief gave to know the new charter, accompanied by some changes in the operation of the restaurant itself, headed by Ljubomir Stanisic.

Thus, the space, which since the spring went to work all seven days of the week, now also began to open at 19: 00: “extra 30 minutes, every day, to drink our cocktails, enjoy a glass of wine or taste the creations of Ljubomir & company, in the kitchen,” explains the restaurant, in a statement. The bet on the slope of the bar, which exists since 2010, was also enhanced with a new letter of cocktails more invernosos and with flavours, the hottest, made with seasonality and sustainability in mind, and with preparations created from scratch”, where there are many ingredients such as pomegranates, grapes, nuts, dióspiros, but also ginger and spices. To whet the curiosity, one of the more goes by the name of “Power nap” (€11), and is done with the Mouth of Hell (the spirit of “home” produced at Quinta de Covela), June, grape juice, grapefruit juice, gum, cinnamon and egg whites.

As for the new charter of Bistro 100 maneiras (Largo da Trindade 9, Lisbon. Tel. 910 307 575), the real reason for all of this talk, Ljubomir Stanisic has developed a menu that highlights the ingredients “of the season, and the hunting and, as usual, will search for references to the traditions lusas, without leaving hold for them.” Remains, the division illustrated and always creative of the various sections of the charter: “In Picanco” (entries); “The Rest is Conversation” (main dishes) and “Happy endings” (desserts), to which are added a provocation “For the Brave” and “Top 100”, the favorite of the boss. Already if know, also, that Ljubomir like surprises and to surprise, so, every dinner, you can count on “suggestions based on what the market offers and what the head feels like. As if we were in the house, so”.

In the entries, the new charter of Bistro 100 maneiras presents a new dish, which helped give the title to this article: “Soup that came out of the cold” (€11), a revenue source bosnia with ox tail, okras and yoghurt, together with the other suggestions of the East, such as the well-known Burek yugoslavian with cheese and spinach (€11) and Tufahija – baked apple filled with nuts (€8), that remains in the list of desserts. “For the brave”, it suggests “Love Story” (€22), that is, the hand of the cow and ox tail, through which, the boss commends the parties less noble of the animals, one of the passions of the chief.

“Cod with the other” (€26), which joins on the dish, cod, languages, chickpeas and floor coriander is one of the chief strengths of the new charter, reinforced with suggestions of hunting, such as the “Lost 100”, made by partridge, mushrooms, egg at low temperature and foie grãs (€31) and “Mr. Bean” (€29), with the boar to be served with beans and mashed beans. Maintained, classic, like the Pappardelle with mushrooms and truffle Winter (€27), the Octopus spicy with spices, bread black and puree the onion (€28) or the Tataki’entrecôte with the torricado, mushrooms and egg (€27), packed in the “Top 100”.

There are also some novelties in the dessert, with Ljubomir Stanisic to present a trio of respect: “Pump Queen,” (tarte of pumpkin with ice cream of yogurt), “Livin’ la Piña Loca” (pineapple, coconut milk, and ginger sorbet passion fruit), and “It’s cheese, lord, it is cheese!” (fake cheese based cookie, dióspiros and chocolate noisette).

Take advantage of the packaging to refer to the Bistro 100 maneiras will celebrate in style Christmas, with a “Menu of Christmas eve” (€120), composed of various snacks and six dishes, where there is no lack of approaches to very own of the chief products of the traditional Christmas Supper, as the “Cod with everyone” (Cod at low temperature, mashed chickpeas, ceboletes in pickle, pak choi and purple egg fermented) and the “Lamb” (Leg of lamb, jus kid, fake webmaster resources kit and puree of celery smoked), a Vermicelli sweet with ice cream of basil and the French toast with ice cream of yogurt.

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