Bistro & Tapas: Flavors of Macau by the hand of the one who knows you

Incorporating influences from diverse cuisines and cultures, the cuisine of the world is an exercise of fusion between even the most exotic and others more conventional.

Soup egg with sago, Rice, chau-chau, Chutney de bacalhau, Minchi with mushrooms mouse ears, Beef with peppers or the Chicken excellent are some of the dishes that can be enjoyed during ten days, by the unique value of €10 at the plate.

Until the end of march, Graça Pacheco Jorge recovers family recipes in the restaurant Bistro & Tapas at the hotel Tryp Lisboa Oriente (Av. D. João II, Parque das Nações, Lisbon. Tel. 218 930 017).

Macao has been creating over the centuries, its own cuisine, which combines elements of the cuisines of the Portuguese, chinese, indian and even malay cooking. It is known for Cuisine of the World and this is, possibly, the food of “mixing” the most ancient of the world. This is a presentation of traditional dishes, that were part of the cookbook kitchen, of the house of my grandfather, Jose Vicente Jorge,” says Graça Pacheco Jorge, a Portuguese born in Macao, in his book “Kitchen of Macao in the House of My Grandfather”. The work published in 1992 and republished in 2003, is a journey through the cuisine and history of one of the most influential families of their time in Macao.

A description that translates well to the initiative and that promises to transport diners by the palates of asian usually eaten in the house of Jose Vicente Jorge, macanese who played an important role as mediator, translator and teacher, in the first half of the century XX.

The dishes of the Gastronomic Week in Macau in the Bistro Restaurant & Tapas cost €10 (€3 entries).

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