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Braga: the sin of gluttony in 8 restaurants

It is not a secret for anyone that Braga is an area of good fork. Accustomed to the pleasures of the gastronomy of the minho region, usually generous and seasoning refined, all-day diners devotees flock to the city of the archbishops looking from the sky to the table. Now approaching the Holy Week, at the end of march, start to prepare the pilgrimage and the religious celebrations choosing can satiate your appetite with a satisfaction guarantee. The essential Bacalhau à Braga when roasted, until you reach the blessing of the iconic pudding Abade regional egg, the Good Bed Good Table provides you the roadmap of sin to the table, in Braga

It is one of the restaurants with the highest credits in the county and by statute is not unconnected with the tremendous friendliness of the staff. With your energy, they can infect any one and give some color to the gray days. One of the trademark images is the menu, a true book from cover thick. Comes with references to the first “fare” and the section of wine, for example, points out aphorisms, description of the demarcated regions, and even the varieties present in the references. Already in the chapter of the food, the restaurant Arcoense is the master, with many proposals of substance. You can start with double, grilled octopus, sausage, or beans. Proceed to one of the Casseroles of fish (€75/kg $ 85/kg), grilled fish, or income-to the classics: the essential Bacalhau à Braga (€34, or half dose by €20), being that there are more recipes of the faithful friend, the Kid pinged (€40, or a half dose for $ 20), the Rockets to the manor house (€16, or €18 with papas de sarrabulho) or Cozido à portuguesa (€36, or half a dose for $ 18). Finish off with the legendary pudding Abade regional egg or the rain-Soaked pine nuts.
Rua Engenheiro José Justino Amorim, 96, Braga Tel. 253278952

Olive Oil & Garlic
After you take in the sights in Esposende, the chef Ivo Loureiro has changed, there is little time, the headquarters of its enticing Olive oil & Garlic to Braga. The restaurant is not at the epicentre of the movement, but it is well worth to be visited. Ivo trust in the value of its excellent cuisine to captivate the diners and your trump card is to not accommodate to the classic approach in the cookbook nor in the presentation of the dishes. Proposes something different, it tests combinations of flavors and introduces products less obvious, but full of flavor. The Camembert strudel with fig jam (€6), the Turnips au gratin with whiting (€6), Empadinhas hunting (€1) and the Burgers crab with quail egg (€6) are open, very good, the path to Paella with the loins of fish and shrimp-the tiger (€38, or a half dose by €24) or even to the Bread stuffed with sprouts, cod and potatoes (€28, or a half dose for $ 20). To finish, opt for Cheesecake passion fruit or Soufflé chocolate. Every week there are surprises and new.
Rua Costa Gomes 353, Braga Tel. 253987048

House of the Gardens
Lies in the Field of Gardens, the location around which gravitate the many restaurants in Braga. Is still open the way in the gastronomy of the county (the grand opening was in 2016), but already with firm bases. It is the natural extension of a company’s organic production, owned by the owners of the restaurant. The House of the Gardens was one of the solutions they have found to show what was produced in the garden, such as sprouts, kiwis, blackberries, and raspberries used to make the purees that came with the meats. The big highlight is the meat Cachena da Peneda PDO. It is one of the breeds most small of the world, accustomed to the highlands, and the veal serves-whether in powered or chop (both for €30, or a half-portion for $ 16). In addition to other specialties, registration still for the delicious entries: tortilla, peppers padrón, fresh mushrooms sautéed with bacon, ham Pata Negra, and the boards of the smoked black pig, which support a good start.
The field of Gardens, 12. Braga Tel. 253685225

Cruz Sobral
One of the jewels count, that the time just helped to enhance. It is increasingly uncommon to have the pleasure of making a meal in a restaurant as old. The restaurant Cruz Sobral already takes 92 years of open door and, of all the times that if he returns, is the same brio of the whole team, committed to answer well and quickly, even with a full house. The professionalism, joins the rustic stone, the ”work to the old” and some customers of fifth generation! No need to think too much in what they will eat. The veal is always that veal, tenrinha and roasted in the oven, on the stove, serving with roasted potatoes, rice and sautéed vegetables (€22, or half dose by €15,50). And then there’s the goat, pork and Cod in the fashion of Braga, the first category (€27,50, or half dose by €18,50). Tell still with the pudding Abade regional egg, of course. The wine list is extensive, including references to foreign and many Port wines. The field of Gardens, 7-8, Braga Tel. 253616648

There is no roadmap bracarense that it is complete without this restaurant. Belongs to the famous universe of the group’s Towers. In 2018, marks 20 years since the opening of the restaurant in Augusta, is a space that has become, by own merits, mandatory in Braga. Note, that here the doses are very well served, able to meet without difficulty the more hungry. Among the specialties, the Cod to Augusta, with mayonnaise and mashed potatoes (€23, two persons), “is a see if you avias”, ensures that those who work here. Part of the letter is composed only by the proposed regional, which also include roast lamb (€24, two persons), roast beef grilled (€13) and monkfish rice with prawns. For order, a taste of the webmaster resources kit of veal and lobster, sweaty american. Consider also the sausage partridge (input) and the pillow convent (dessert). Has a good wine cellar and smoking room.
EN 103, Vale, Braga Tel. 253676437

El Olivo
If you are looking for a more contemporary, consider the main restaurant of the Meliá Braga Hotel & Spa. It is worth, therefore, by the modern atmosphere of the room, centered by an olive tree. With the arrival of chef José Vinegar, reinforced the traditional base of this kitchen, while not losing the vein of contemporary that characterizes it, in technique and in the empratamentos. In the entries, highlight to the Escabeche of quail and mushroom in brick pastry, and reduced balsamic. On the suggestions of cooking show, entering the literary field beans with chorizo and the fried octopus with chilli. The Cod in the fashion of Braga reigns in the main, closely followed by roast lamb, duck breast in rice creamy sausage and the loaf of empty with ham and potato alourada. The pudding Abade regional egg with Port wine reduction is the dessert to retain this El Olivo. Service buffet always that the occupation justifies it.
Meliá Braga Hotel & Spa Avenida General Carrilho da Silva Pinto, 8, Braga Tel. 253144000

The kitchen of the Cathedral
If there is a restaurant blessed, in Braga, is this, or were not located in the immediate vicinity of the Cathedral. The stone walls, which were filled with coins over the years, they give you an air of rustic and cozy. And, the frames of vivid colors, powder the scenario with art and good taste. But the recommendation should be the same to the “holiness” of the cuisine here, prepares, always quality. In this Kitchen of the Cathedral there is no way to bypass the Cod to the Kitchen, which is stuffed with sauce cebolada and follows it with the traditional potato fries to the ring (€13). In addition to being a delight, follows in the tradition of the city, which leads the faithful friend to the throne of the proteins. And as we near the Cathedral, continue religiously to satiate the appetite… to ride the veal chop (€13,50) or lombelo pork grilled with mashed apple and chestnuts (€11,50). Not to vary, is almost law do not leave without tasting the pudding Abade regional egg.
Rua Dom Frei Caetano Brandão 95, Braga Tel. 253277343

The Panoramic Restaurant
To continue in tune with the piety and solemnity of the moment, not sure to go up to Bom Jesus, one of the largest symbols of Braga. Enjoy the forest surroundings and the beautiful Sanctuary, with a staircase, where the Via Sacra. After you delight yourself with the magic of the frame, between on the Hotel Elevator to meet the Panoramic Restaurant. Drink an aperitif and doubts with stunning panoramic view over the city and the region, from the main room. The food is also tasty. Embraces the regional cuisine, but updated. The open, a caldo verde à moda do Minho with crispy bread and smoked. The cod fillet in the sauté with cebolada in the fashion of Braga (€16,5) is an ex-libris, as well accompanied by the octopus ruddy in a bed of mashed dried tomatoes and the perfume of balsamic (€18) and the vol-au-vent of partridge with juice hunting and fruits of autumn (€17). Finish with a cheese of the mountains.
Hotel Elevator, Largo do Bom Jesus Sanctuary, Braga Tel. 253603400

(Text adapted from an article published in the Express Daily 15/03/2018)

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