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Bragança: the new lighthouse restaurant in the north of Portugal

The famous sausage to the less well-known butelo and casulas, and passing by the game dishes, the traditional cuisine transmontana is a guaranteed, strong aromas and flavors. But, there are restaurants, seeking new horizons in gastronomy, from the excellence of the products and the knowledge of the most ancient. After the family Frost, which has a laboratory in the Restaurant Gin the Pousada de Bragança, the city has recently received, the new project André Silva, christened Port Restaurant. The head left the House from the Sidewalk, where he maintained a Michelin star and the Golden Fork, the Guide Good Bed Good Table, to venture out in Trás-os-Montes. Braganza begins to take on as a new lighthouse diner of Portugal, with the kitchen of the author to call the spotlights and also help to publicize and praise the cuisine of this region. Follow the route of Good Bed Good Table by the best restaurants and taverns of Bragança

Restaurant G
With the refurbishment works at the Pousada de Bragança finished, the kitchen of the Restaurant G has, finally, conditions to shine (even more) and put the fate which for some is more than remote, in the center of attention dining national. Led by Oscar and Tó Gonçalves, a twin from a family with scrolls in the local cuisine, the restaurant gave the city a space that is so bold, he knew how to mix local flavours with modern techniques, always making prevail the product and the region. In 2017, the Restaurant G has renewed the Golden Fork confirming the evolution of bet that worth to be proven through the various tasting menus. For future memory are proposed as the ball of Berlin with cheese Terrincho and ham bísaro and the Ferrero Rocher sausage with almond and gold edible. The restaurant, with a magnificent view to the Castle of Bragança, is also distinguished by the proposals vínicas, with suggestions for unusual and preferably in the region. Average price: €45.
The Pousada de Bragança, Street, Road, Tourism, Bragança. Tel. 273 331 493

Port Restaurant
Gradually, Bragança, close to the centre of the national gastronomy. André Silva, a chief with a Golden Fork from the guide Boa cama Boa Mesa ” and the stars of the Michelin Guide is proof of that. The most recent bet of this brilliant cook is the Port Restaurant, simple name, but full of genuine flavours and the rich, obvious to large urban centers, but daring to a district capital as Braganza. The charter is structured in three acts, read tasting menus (between €35 and €70), and a letter which in addition to technique, reveals a strong identity and creativity. The proposals Boar and chestnuts, red wine sauce, garlic black, greaves, boots (€17) and the Calf Matured and artichokes, which come with Cherovia, mouriles, red wine sauce, asparagus (€21) are evidence of the connection between technique and regionality. The ball of sausage served in the language of a traditional Careto, a delight for all the senses. A word to the young team of the kitchen, where appears, Gerson Oliveira, winner of the last edition of the Revolt of the Cod, and the right arm of André Silva in the conduct of the pots.
Off a Strong St. John of God 204, Bragança. Tel. 273 098 516

D. Roberto
The decor, with stone walls full of numerous farming utensils is the first thing that calls the attention in this house transmontana recovered, where dwells the restaurant D. Roberto. Accumulates four distinct areas, so that nobody feels cheated out: two dining rooms, the tavern typical, to visit petisqueira, and a regional products shop has the singer. In a typical dish, painted in blue are served the sausages of the region, particularly the ” Alheira de Vinhais roast or Lamb Bragançano PDO roast, served with potatoes and vegetables. This is a land (and a restaurant) dedicated to the meat, especially the pork Bísaro and hunting (wild boar and partridge, presented in dishes for two people). In the dessert highlight for the Pudding of nuts and Corn candy with jam. Average price: €20.
Rua Coronel Álvaro Cepeda, 1, Gimonde. Tel. 273 302 510

The Frost
Many of those who sit at the table in the elegant restaurant, The Frosts are unaware of the beautiful family history that the kitchen guard. In stoves, leads Iracema Gonçalves, there are already many years. The children, Oscar and Anthony, followed his liking and, after an accurate training, they renewed the menu, making it more contemporary, and ensuring the roots transmontanas. It is in this way that two generations evolve to the pleasure of the diners, who approve, with applause, and dishes such as partridge stuffed with chestnuts, after you delight in salpicão de Vinhais and cheese Terrincho. Do not forget to taste the pudding of chestnuts. Wine cellar regional with several treasures. Average price: €25
Rua Damasceno de Campos, Bragança. Tel. 273 326 002

Solar Bragançano
There are more than 30 years, the restaurant Solar Bragançano, under the baton of Antonio Desiderius and Ana Maria, gives the letters in the restoration of trás-os-montes. In a house eighteenth-century reigns of the refinement. The decor, service, and food. And what can be seen in the details such as the candleholders that decorate each table, the _ and cloth napkins, the glasses from Marinha Grande or the water served in a jug glass and silver. A set menu, and where it is difficult to choose a highlight for the game dishes, especially Partridge with grapes and berries, the Rice of hare to the fashion of the solar or the brave Rabbit to the Monsignor. Accompany with wine Solar Bragançano and finish with the must-see Pumpkin golden. Average price: €25.
Praça da Sé, 34 – 1º, Bragança. Tel. 273 323 875

The Well-Spoken – Uncle Arthur
The name comes from one of the most charismatic figures of the Bragança city, known for the willingness and the proximity with the students of the Polytechnic Institute. The recognition is such that they ended by giving the name of the landlord the portion of the Street in the Cold Land. A tribute applauded by the entire population and by the many visitors who are looking for Pork, Quail and even the Chorizo and Sausage, the main snacks that they serve. But there are more proposals, many of them seasonal, or created depending on what is at the markets and local producers. The space is part of the roadmap required of freshmen of the city who use the restaurant of the Well-Spoken – Uncle Arthur as a kind of canteen. Prove the Charabanada, a drink that mixes white wine, beer, sugar, and soda of lemon flavor, very popular among the younger ones. Average price: €10
Street Uncle Arthur, 10, Bragança. Tel. 273 324 178

Tavern of the Boar
Taking advantage, well, the experience and the knowledge acquired in the family (the reference is to the restaurant The wild Boar, Flávio Gonçalves ventured within the walls of the Bragança Castle, with a concept of relaxed, but no less tasty, dubbed the Tavern of the wild Boar. The menu can begin with small tapas, partridge escabeche, followed by sandwiches of boar or of an unexpected burger… wild boar. There are other options such as the ham cebolada, pork and various sausages and cheeses. Next to the fireplace in winter or on the terrace in the summer, here the wild boar is the king and lord. Average price: €15
Rua D. Fernando Bravo, 46/48, Bragança. Tel. 936 854 789

Tasca do Zé Tuga
“If you want to eat, well come here!” This is the motto of the Tasca do Zé Tuga, which adds to the name: “wine, snacks & conversation”. Beautifully located within the walls of the Bragança Castle, opened its doors in 2015, with the aim of recreating the old taverns and, at the same time, to give to know the products of the region. Here, serve yourself from the boards of cheeses and sausages up nails and burgers of beef mirandese and even a craft beer nut. If you opt for the menu, expect five moments, from starters to desserts. Tell that this tavern was born from the desire and dream of Luís Portugal, which gained notoriety for their participation in the program MasterChef Portugal. Average price: €20.
Church street, 66, Bragança. Tel. 273 381 35

(Text adapted from article published in the Express Daily 18/01/2018)

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