Brazilian Barbecue Festival: ground Fire heats up the Walls

It begins with the preparation of the ingredients, very early, around spices and arrangements. Then, little by little, cup in hand, no rush if it will come down to one that is the largest barbecue in the world, between two fingers of conversation and lots of music. The brazilian stylebarbecue, is a thing to last all day and extend into the night.

The culture of barbecue, with greater influence in the south region of Brazil, presenting the interaction between family and friends around the fire with meat, beer and music throughout the day, “said the chief, Samuel Barros, who organizes the event with partner Alan Barros, the restaurant’s Furnace, in Matosinhos, showing this traditional way of roasting the meat.

It is this party, and well stuffed with food, drink and music, which promises to show this sport to all who attend in the City Park of the Walls in the days 15 and 16 September. The celebration of life, food, and of good-mood typical of our brothers in the south american, junta-learning: for the event comes from Piracicaba, S. Paulo, Brazil, the chef Fábio de Pádua, in charge of the project Assadores, which also takes a this kind of event to all corners of Brazil. It will be a unique opportunity to see the chefs in action and enjoy as is baked in the traditional way.

The BBQ Brazilian Barbecue Festival brings roasted meats in the brazilian fashion and music to accompany. Are two days of celebration and conviviality to “give to get acquainted with brazilian culture unknown by a large part of the Portuguese people and the european, that goes beyond the stereotypes of samba, carnival and football, “stresses Alan Barros.

In addition to gastronomy, there is more entertainment for kids and adults alike: The kids can count with inflatables and street performers, while the older ones can let themselves be enchanted with a display of antique cars and motorcycles.

One of the important points of the event, and the main reason of the organize, in addition to showing how it is done, this type of barbecue, it is also that people can experience all the richness of the flavors of a meat after 12 hours of slow fire“, concludes Samuel Barros opening the appetite for what is coming.

The entry in the event, where you can watch the cooking of meats such as rib on the fire floor, suckling pig on the cross and the lamb on the cross, it is free.
Already to taste these dishes, the prices are in €3,5 for the sandwich and €5 for the dishes. The sides are also to the fashion of Brazil.

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