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Brunch Clandestine: three friends and a good idea

In an old building in the centre of Lisbon that you can’t say where it is, three friends that you can’t say who they are, one day, had an idea. They were in pajamas in the living room, on a to be absolutely normal, when one of the elements jumped off of the sofa – they say that esbracejou vigorously in silence, opened his very eyes, he paused dramatically with his hands to the front of the guy and burst out: “And if we did the Brunch Underground?” So, out of nothing. Five minutes after you was born an Instagram with the name. Ok, lacked all of the rest. Three photographs of the petiscadas in the house and a description: “don’t tell anybody, but here at home we do the best brunch vegetarian Lisbon. We offer table, sofa, and a nice wave. And mimosas”. Without expectations and in truth, without having any idea, they would create one of the brunch the most desirable in the city.

The table only has place for six and usually organised in a schema 2X 2X 2X, but there have been those who wanted to appear without a companion. It is in a dining room with a sunny and open to the rear of the patios of lisbon, between the kitchen and a small terrace on one side, and the living room on the other. There is Spotify available for those who want to venture into the soundtrack – it’s this or listen to Mayra Andrade or Chance The Rapper in the loop. A guided tour of the house and after the guests are left to luck, while the three return to the kitchen – it is at this point that the conversation begins to flow. The brunch is served at six, at the same time and the menu arrives at the table full, without interruption, getting up to the discretion of each one what to eat first.

The formula that was eventually to dictate the concept was immediate. It was enough to do “this and that”, what they have always done with friends: to put the house available without ceremonies, and to treat the menu. Simple. Be with people unknown was never even subject, after all, the intention was to even add strangers to the table and let it happen. Behind this project which you can’t talk about a lot, is a trio that believes that the people are magnificent beings and that the brunch underground is a great excuse to join them. To date, confirms and there was no time, no meeting to not end with hugs senses, exchanges of contacts and millions of required on one side and the other. In the background, is to go “brunchar” the house of friends and make new friends with the extra to be seated in one of the tables the most creative and photographed of Lisbon. We do not know to say if the menu is surprising more than the arrangement of the decoration (with a collection of crockery which is admirable), or if the vice-versa applies in this case, in any case, the result is an explosion of color that, if doubts there were, confirms the theory that the eyes also eat.

Could be just that, a lovely desk with food arranjadinha for the photo – closely-maybe until it was what we expected, only to then say that we always knew that something like this will never work, mania of the “millennials” – but it’s not. The fact that being a vegetarian requires precisely to flee to the rolls, ham and cheese, and salmon with cheese-cream-as-usual, but on the other hand has things that no other has. The famous cream of carrot and coconut is unanimously the star of the menu and a habitué at the table, but who has had the fortune of being with the mini pancakes chocolate feel the heart flutter. It is not certain that any time the arrive to prove, since they vary regularly between the traditional with honey, banana and coconut, chocolate with strawberries and the color pink, that are an entity by the unique taste and aesthetics, bold. Then, there is always a yogurt with fruit and granola, two rusks which can be avocado, humus, pesto pea or spinach with goat cheese au gratin, carrot cake, bread, cheese and gates to share and mimosas, “to end in good”. The four elements of the dish vary according to the inspiration and it may even be that the menu is announced in the social networks a few days in advance – but it is not certain, it is sometimes decided only on the eve, above all when the greengrocer’s them exchange the turns.

Design? Do not have. Are and will continue to, proud to, support in the marketing of the pen and paper and refusing to answer pre-formatted. All of the “emojis” used in the messages are meanings, even when they serve to announce that the date is exhausted and that does not make pre-booking. Regret not having a bigger house, a large table, but for now is perfect as well. Will soon take the Brunch Underground to Porto and Coimbra , and do not put aside the idea of extending the concept to other corners of the country – so there is an interest and willingness to share this experience.

The location is secret and the address is only disclosed on the eve. The dates, as a rule, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (12: 00/1500), are announced in the social networks (https://www.instagram.com/brunchclandestino/ and https://www.facebook.com/brunchclandestino/) and the reservation is mandatory, by e-mail: brunchclandestino@gmail.com. The first six to grab hold are with the places, but the competition, say it, has been fierce. The value of the contribution is also secret!

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