Butelo and casulas: all paths and dining will give Bragança

From Friday, Bragança receive a new edition of the Gastronomic Festival that gives to know the most traditional producers and flavours of Trás-os-Montes. The stars of this festival, which lasts until Sunday, the two are “brothers” of the table: the butelo and the casulas.

Before you make the trip to Bragança know that the butelo it is a sausage whose stuffing is made with ossinhos of the ridge and the rib of the pig race bísara, still with some meat, getting the smoke for two to three weeks. Traditionally, the process is done in the fireplaces of the houses transmontanas, during the winter, to then be proven in the “Carnival Saturday” accompanied casulas, a dry bean with the shell which, once steeped for a couple of hours, it is cooked with the sausage, usually in water of the second firing of this. This is a dish regional, winter, very popular and ideal to eat in the fireplace.

To prove and to learn more about butelo and the casulas, the festival will focus during the three days in the Praça Camões, in the centre of Bragança, the location where you will be able to know several local producers, including meats, and crafts. The initiative is still with animation program with demonstrations and lectures. So, on Friday, the 3rd day of February, by 11: 00, in the Auditorium Paulo Quintela, there will be a “Compliment to the Cuisine Transmontana”, an initiative that counts with the presence of the well-known chief Fair of Noble. After lunch tell with a demonstration of craft production of butelo and your cooking in iron pot. You can see all the initiatives planned in the page of the Chamber of Bragança dedicated to the Gastronomic Festival of the Butelo and Casulas.

Inserted in this initiative starts also on Friday a Week of Gastronomy, with the participation of 17 restaurants in the municipality of Bragança. On the menu, the butelo and the casulas, cooked by the hands of wise and according to the teachings of other generations, are the protagonists, duly advised by the olive oil and the wine trás-os-montes, and also by homemade bread.

Butelo and casulas in Lisbon

For all those who are not able to make the trip to Bragança is the indication that the chief Fair of Noble, also she transmontana, will serve on Thursdays (fortnightly), your version of butelo and casulas. At the restaurant, The Noble, the dish will be “reinforced” with ham, pork and rib. “For me it is a pleasure to be able to continue to promote and disseminate the good products of my land of which I am proud of both. Speaking in the products is not enough, it is necessary to give to know them in our tables,” said Fair Noble during the dinner presentation of the Gastronomic Festival of the Butelo and Casulas.

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