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Café Luso: 90 years of service to the Fado of Lisbon

The traditional song of “happy birthday to you”, will probably be the only one to be heard this Monday at the Cafe Luso, which will not be accompanied by guitar and viola, but that, certainly, will be chanted by singers enshrined in the national panorama. The reason is not minor, is that it is not every day that you are ninety years, nine decades, on top of that to praise the fate, and bring you the song that is all and a symbol of Portugal, whether at the country, want to the many tourists who pass by this holiday destination, increasingly in fashion.

Ninety years is a long time. Are, in fact, many hours, many days singing, as it says in another song of the popular imagination. It all began in the year 1927, on Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, even if he wrote the name of the house with a “z” instead of an “s”. Berta Cardoso was the first star, between 1936 and 1940, telling the press of the time that “its stately throat looks like a rosary with musical notes”.

Later, the Café Luso, arrives in 1939 Amália Rodrigues, with only 19 years old. The “Diva of Fado,” writes here is the first live album in 1955, winning the Olympia, in Paris, in the following year. Before, in 1948, Alfredo Marceneiro consecrated- “the King of Fado” at the Cafe Luso. Also, António Rocha won there a title, the “King of the Fado Menor”, a genre of fado with only two chords.

Cidália Moreira, the “Cigana do Fado” also recorded at the Café Luso, Celeste Rodrigues, sister of Amália Rodrigues still today sings among the four walls of the cafe, on Fridays and Saturdays, proving that he deserves a place among the best.

In this day of the feast, the Café Luso will serve, as usual, and in the entries, Patty, Dried Tomatoes, Ricotta cheese, Black Olives and Oregano (€15), Açorda Alentejo style with Egg (€15), Shrimp and Scallop with Coriander (€17) and Mini Pork Pork, Chutney Apple and Torricado (€17). There is, in the fish, Fillets of Cod au Gratin with Roasted Potatoes (€35), Rice with Shrimp, Monkfish and Cuttlefish Ink (€35) and in meats, Veal Stew, Mashed Sweet Potato, Fennel Sautéed in Coconut Milk (€33), Shank of Pork and Xerém (€35), Chicken in the Oven to the Platter of Burnt, Roasted Potatoes and Sautéed Vegetables (€33) and still Tartelete of Vegetables and Creamy Rice of Mushrooms (€33).

In desserts, you can count on Orange Cake, Ganache and Carob Soup Toasted Almonds (€15), Cream Cheese, Streusel, Coulis of Papaya and Cassis (€15), Pão-de-Ló, Pumpkin, cream the Cheese (€15) and Pudding to the Cathedral (olive oil, avacado), Sorbet and Citrus fruits (€15). There are still seven tasting menus, with a price of €46, that give a 30% discount on drinks.

In a country where the Fado is the national song and where the tourism is on the rise, over the 90 years of the Café Luso (Travessa da Queimada 10, Lisbon. Tel. 213 422 281), are good razão to celebrate.

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