Cais da Gávea: you Already opened the new seafood restaurant in da Arrábida

He is an architect, she is not Portuguese, but has already adopted our country as her. Are husband and wife and, among many other affinities, the taste for wine is something they have in common. Nuno Alberto da Silva and Yaroslava da Silva are the owners of the restaurant Cais da Gávea, in the Ecopark of the Outão, in the Serra da Arrábida, which opened in may of this year. Both describe this space with the same word: “Simple”. But, the truth is that it is impossible to stay indifferent to this place. It is a very special corner, in part by the attendance, but also by the food, of course. And the view? Oh the view…

“Sometimes there are spaces so cute, that you just have to give a seat for people to enjoy… And a good wine.” So begins the conversation with Nuno Alberto da Silva, who explains that there is no concept of extraordinary in this restaurant. Yaroslava intervenes, “we Wanted something elegant and simple to give space to people to feel the environment. It is already so beautiful just as it is.” We insist and ask another way, what is that they want people to feel when they go through there? The response remains. They don’t want anything in concrete, built a space that enables people to feel. And it is to this that work, not only to serve food or drink, but to provide experiences, whatever they are. Each client should have the freedom to feel that space the way you want. And for this, as Yaroslava says, “simplicity is the key”.

Over the Sado river, the Pier of Topsail bet on the fish and the seafood. Can be classified as a restaurant and a seafood restaurant without that this is a deterrent to more wide-ranging betting dining. The dishes following the recipes simple and traditional, because the big secret is in the fresh products and of quality. The specialties are the Masada lobster (€45/two people), or the seafood Rice (€35/two people). There are also regional dainties as the fried Cuttlefish (€9,50) and the octopus Salad (€6), but the advice is to try the Prawn alhinho (€9,50).

The daily offer of fresh seafood includes Clams ” bulhão Pato (€14,50),until spider crab, also going through by whelks, shrimps, tiger prawns grilled, lobster and crab. In this restaurant, another of the bets is the fish baked in the oven, as the Cod (€14), or braseado as the tuna Steak (€15). Meat tell with sirloin Steak (€16) and the Nail of the loin (€8,50), accompanied with potato chips, homemade. Not finish the meal without tasting the desserts. The suggestions are varied, such as Cheesecake (€4), or the Mousse de lima (€3).

In the charter of the wines, the list of options is quite composed, and about 50% are of the Setúbal Peninsula. With knowledge of the facts, if you want to taste any of the wines, it is best to ask a council in the time of harmonization.

Already in the decoration, the Cais da Gávea (E. N. 379, Arrábida, Setúbal. Tel. 962 971 009) uses lots of wood and warm tones predominate. You can choose to install in the interior room, quite cosy, or move on to the terrace which has a wonderful view to the river. The secret is to pass through the door of the restaurant available to enjoy an experience. Among the tips vínicas of the owners, the tasty dishes and the view of the river, drawn to the lights of Troy, the newest restaurant of the Arrábida deserves an extended visit.

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