Carpentry: a taste of Italy in Cais do Sodré

The Carpentry is not, in any way, more an Italian restaurant in Lisbon. It is assumed as different, with a mix of concepts that in addition to the food, clearly the inspiration transalpine, boost socializing, packed music, precept. Without wanting to appeal to one or another urban tribe, get baraços open the alfacinhas gem and the cosmopolitan tourist who sought to flavors known and international.

It was the desire to create a space where the music and the good Italian cuisine that motivated Alberto Marques to open the Carpentry. In practice, a space where clients feel at home, with a simple menu and music, friendly no major gimmicks to not be the genuine flavours. To achieve this ideal, it fell on the head Pedro Ramos, as a consultant, to create a letter where in addition to the best products, these assumptions were also ingredients.

To take advantage of, in the main room or on the terrace of Carpentry there are salads “Smoked Salmon”, with lettuce, lemon and cream fraiche (€ 10), the “Caesar”, with lettuce, chicken, slivers of parmesan, sauce Caesar, croutons, anchovy fries and onion fries (€12) and “Tuna to the Carpenter”, that takes sweet potatoes, cabbage, pok choy, beet, cherry tomato and fresh tuna (€12). The salad “Lisbon” takes rocha pear, feta cheese, duck confit, apricot dried, the kernels of walnut and a mix of lettuces (€12).

The proposals for the Risotto of the Carpentry feature “Asparagus Risotto and Parmesan” (€11), of “Wild Mushrooms and Mangerona” (€12) and “Sausage” (€11). The Folders in the charter are the “Spaghetti all’olio” (€10), “Tagliatteli alla carbonara” (€11) and the “classical “Spaghetti to the bolognese” (€11). Tell still with the “Linguini Neri with ameijoa and fresh shrimp” (€12) and with the “Linguine al pesto and chorizo” (€11).

As a Italian restaurant that appreciates, the Carpentry also has an extensive menu of Pizzas. In addition to the traditional, you can count on the “Algarve”, made with tomato San Marzano, mozzarella , figs from the Algarve, ham, slivers of parmesan (€14), with the “Carpentry”, tomato paste, San Marzano, mozarela, arugula, cherry tomato, slivers of parmesan cream and balsamic (€12), with the “Bica”, which in addition to tomato takes still mozarela, pancetta, mushrooms and gorgonzola (€12) and still with the “24 of July” de mozarela, tuna, onion and olives (€11). Still in Lisbon, there is the pizza “Ribeira”, which takes mozzarela, mushrooms Paris, and artichoke (€10) and the “Sodre”, with mozzarela and ventricina (€12).

The name of the Carpentry is a tribute to the father of the head of the project, and the space is decorated with objects relating to this art. Open all days (Avenida 24 de julho, 6A, Lisbon. Tel. 213 960 532), from Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to 24.00 and Friday-Saturday from 12: 00 to 3: 00 am.

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