Casa Guedes: The sandwiches of ham’s most famous Port

There are several dishes on the list and economic options for lunch with daily specials from €5, but the specialty of the house is the undisputed sandwich ham (€2,90). And it is this sandwich, the real and well-deserved reason for so much success, and the continued pilgrimage to the House”, a tavern in the old town, next to the Garden of St. Lazarus, in the Port.

With the vague tourist, there are days that the ham does not reach the time of locking, forcing you to almost have to double the daily amount of meat. Good news for those who comes from outside, not so good for those who more than 20 years ago had the habit of passing by the Casa Guedes (Praça dos Poveiros, 130, Porto, portugal. Tel. 222 002 874) for a sandwich of ham and a thin – that the double gutter as well at any time of the day… from the middle of the day, that is.

The recipe is simple: the bread ball is lightly roasted and then stuffed with thick slices and chips ham roast, with a generous dose of sauce to accompany. You can still (and should) take a thick slice of the cheese over the top (€3,90), which will melt with the heat and mix in the meat. It is still possible to join you to paio of black pork alentejano, cured of Baião or ham Bragança. or opt for each of the ingredients separately – version of the “sande” (from €2,90), or served on a board, to go poking.

Always accompany a glass of semi-sparkling wine, that the owners of the house claim to be the perfect combination of bread, raw ham and Mountain cheese. Is part of a tradition to end the visit with a slice of cheese smeared with homemade jam (€3,50).

The Casa Guedes, in Porto, is one of the institutions selected to join the guide Bars, and Snacks by Boa cama Boa Mesa”, which will be on sale with the Express, from the 18th of November.

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