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Retreat the sly dig: The house where the kid is king

Almost directly opposite is the imposing Palace of the Ice, near it is the School Farm and on the other side of the street spread to warehouses of everything and anything, from building materials to spare parts to cars, motorcycles, and vans. Lie on the outskirts of the city of Viseu Read more

Tip Filling: The Kitchen by António Loureiro

The return of guimarães António Loureiro the city-the cradle has been remarkable. Discreet and faithful to the purity that comes from the earth and the sea, traces a route perfect in your Kitchen. Perfumed by a garden of aromatic on the upper floor, where there is a dining room more private, the Read more

Restaurant & Wine Bar: life is a (new) cáBARé in the Port

Because life is like a cáBARé, the restaurant located in Downtown Porto that has gained fame as a cocktail bar, reopens with many news. Now more focused on the harmonies between food and wine, continues to invest in the re-enactments at the table.

Based on the traditional Read more

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