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Home Lisbon: Portugal served in the Terreiro do Paço

Lisbon is considered, by some, the best city in the world. Whatever the definition of “best” and the podium of each one, there is no doubt that the capital receives more tourists today than ever before. In the Terreiro do Paço, there is a house which serves delicious typical Portuguese Read more

Tip Stuffing: Restaurante Carnalentejana

In the Restaurant Carnalentejana, at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, glorifies the beef breed Alentejana PDO, protected designation of origin and wines of Alentejo. In a space where comfort blends with elegance, tempered with a service of excellence, bet on the preservation of authentic flavours.

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Fish: on the inside is also possible!

If there’s one thing in which the Portuguese are unanimous, it is time to choose which of the sea every one wants at the table. It is in the Minho region, in the Borders or in the inner Alentejo, the seafood company, particularly in these days of summer, yet the thermometer and the rain Read more

Carpentry: a taste of Italy in Cais do Sodré

The Carpentry is not, in any way, more an Italian restaurant in Lisbon. It is assumed as different, with a mix of concepts that in addition to the food, clearly the inspiration transalpine, boost socializing, packed music, precept. Without wanting to appeal to one or another urban tribe, Read more

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