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Supper, the new adventure gastronomy of Pedro Pena Bastos has accepted booking!

In march 2017, the assignment of a Golden Fork, by the Guide Good Bed Good Table, the young chef, Pedro Pena Bastos, then on the Spur, surprised almost everyone and everything. In the Alentejo, Pedro Pena Bastos has managed to present his vision of the Portuguese cuisine, with a lot of Read more

Kailua: Celebrate the beach in Fonte da Telha

At the peak of summer, when the weather finally announce high temperatures, the beach is always one of the best places to be. The 30 minutes from Lisbon, Fonte da Telha is always a good suggestion to enjoy a day of sun and sea. Here, it is mandatory to make a stop at the restaurant Kailua. Read more

Chefs On Fire: Cooks around a campfire

It is not a meeting of friends, but almost. At the end of the summer, September 23, the seven heads are going to join around a campfire for cooking and to honor the “soldiers of peace”. The festival “Chefs On Fire” will take place throughout the day, at Estoril, with good food and lots Read more

Rejoice, the dogs of the Gazelle are now double!

At first glance, when one enters the new Brewery Gazelle, comes the memory of the customers those Hollywood movies where things are enlarged to twice the size. And, in fact, was what happened with this “place of worship” that at the new address (Rua de Entreparedes, 8, Port. Tel. 221 Read more

Tip Filling: Restaurant 1858 bbgourmet Creative

One of the big challenges is to get to the table and explain to the employee room that does not like to eat. From here, the chief Elisabete Pinto handles everything so that you have an unforgettable meal. Based on the “say what you do not eat”, the restaurant 1858 bb gourmet Creative prepares a Read more

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