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In the Algarve, between appetizers and the seafood…

Barnacles, clams, razor clam, oysters, shrimp are some of the fruits of the sea that fill the tables of the taverns and restaurants, with greater emphasis for the summer months. But, tell also, in this route from the algarve, snacks and seafood, snails, octopus, and fish-king, in addition to Read more

LDS Lisbon: mediterranean-Inspired waterfront

It has the sophisticated design of a contemporary space. A sense unique, but open to the conviviality and cosmopolitan environment. It encourages, above all, to relaxation, to the moments of pleasure turn to the long hours… THE LDS Lisbon has already entered the itinerary of the must-sees of Read more

Tip Filling: Monastery Restaurant of the Piglet

The risotto with crispy suckling pig by chef Ricardo Fernandes, was considered the best rice dish of Portugal in 2016, but this is not the main reason to visit the Monastery restaurant’s suckling pig, which aims to revitalize the culinary tradition in the region of the Battle.

The rooms neat Read more

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