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Restaurant Behind d Ear: traditional Cuisine of choice!

Not worth going looking for a room cared for, full of refinement, luxuries and service of white gloves. Also, it is not worth to go looking for large dishes spotless, with two or three small touches to the centre and a grass exotic to decorate. In the restaurant, Behind d Ear there’s none of that. Read more

Otto – Pizza Al Mercato: A pizzeria that surprising…

The renovation of the Ribeira Market is right gave new life to the Cais do Sodré. There are already three years old and, since then, the area extended from nocturnal activity to gastronomy, with the emergence of new restaurants, bars and petiscarias on the perimeter. In the nearby praça Dom Read more

Algarve: 10 restaurants with your feet in the sand

We already know that when the weather is hot, the south of the country is the preferred destination of the Portuguese and not only. From the Windward to the Leeward side, there are many proposals to that the days (and nights) are spent at the beach with your feet in the sand. Cup in hand, while Read more

Tip Filling: Restaurant Monte Mar – Cascais

Monte Mar restaurant – Cascais combines the privileged location, on the rocks and the sea, with fish and seafood always fresh.

The specialties, of course, include everything that comes from the sea, such as the Fillets of hake with rice cockles, or the Cataplana of seafood. Blameless the fish Read more

The Canteen Peruvian District of Avillez

Not to grow the Neighborhood from Avillez in Lisbon. The join to the grocery store, the tavern, the manteigueria, in the Playground, and to the Alley, the Cabaret ‘s most unique city, open now, in the first floor Canteen Peruvian, with peruvian cuisine contemporary Read more

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