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Ostradomus: Oysters and sparkling on the edge of Sado

Almost can use the popular saying, and to assert that in the restaurant Ostradomus, in Setúbal, there are oysters to suit all tastes and sizes. And, in fact, the kitchen of this space, all days are made the combinations more improbable, as if a laboratory if it were, always with the clear Read more

Red – We Like It Raw or roast beef served in a container

In the Uk, roast beef is the dish of the Sunday lunch. Serve hot, barely past whenever possible, and accompanied by potatoes, roasted vegetables and Yorkshire pudding.

Of the furnaces of the british to the Portuguese dishes will go a long distance and we still can’t get used to the Read more

Aljezur: what if the come of new South

Until recently it was called the L-Cholesterol, and for many years it was a mandatory stop for anyone passing through the Carrapateira looking for a calm which is not always easy to find on the Costa Vicentina. The name (old), due to a misfortune in the registry, which omitted the El Read more

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