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Celebrate the sharing at Simply Tapas & Vinho”

It is impossible not to notice, when passing on the Road of Vale do Lobo, in the Algarve, on the way to Quinta do Lago, in the huge terrace of this house in that, just in the name, assumed to be “Simply”a space for Tapas and Wine. The animation, especially when the sun begins to fade but it still heats up, confirms that this is one of the most sought after locations in the Algarve for the end of the day, or, if you prefer, start the night.

The restaurant at Simply Tapas & Wine is a personal project of Frederico Sousa who sought to bring in the first place, the world of the wines for this region of the Algarve. In addition to the best national references, there is to prove, or even take home several bottles from origins as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina or South Africa, without forgetting the famous “Ice Wine” from Canada and the best references from the neighboring Spain, Italy and France.

To the restaurant at Simply Tapas & Vinho “Eating Tapas is an experience that should be taken in a relaxed way. Our philosophy is to savor a good wine along with our tapas”, being, in this sentence almost that explained the functioning of the house. There is a “Selection of Tapas for 2”, that includes Croquettes, Ham, Shrimp, Galician Stew, Fish Cakes with Compote Chilis, foie gras of Duck with Marmalade of Onion, Black Pork Cheeks & Mashed Potatoes, Almondegas in Tomato Sauce, Asinhas Chicken, and Red Pepper-Stuffed (€37,50).

Still, the restaurant Simply Tapas & Wine, the option “Special of the Day”, which can be “The Land of the Francs” and that includes Tomato Stuffed with Goat Cheese au Gratin, served as a Tapa (€5), or as “1/2 Racion” (€9,50). The “Portugal at Its Best!” suggests Cockles bulhão Pato (€8,50), and “Of Cancun with Love…” comes to a Wrap Crispy Beef, Vegetables & Cheese Tex Mex Dip. In tapas (€7,50), or “1/2 Racion” (€14,50).

À la carte, the restaurant at Simply Tapas & Vinho has 17 cold tapas, which include Iberian Ham Acorn (€12), a Dish of Cold Meats (€8) or Cheese Manchego Reserve (€9), and even Tortilla Classic (€4), and several salads, such as Peppers Grill & Feta Cheese (€7), Thai Shrimp (€7,50), Greek (€5,50) or Walnuts, Blue Cheese, Celery & Apple (€6). The tapas hot are 24 , and feature Scallop Wrapped in Bacon (€9), Shrimp with piri-piri (€9,50), Mussels (€8,50), Tuna Braseado, Peppers and Grilled Potatoes (€7,50) and some delicious Puntillitas (€8)

Do not leave to prove, in the restaurant at Simply Tapas & Wine, the Shrimp and Squid Sautéed & Chorizo Picante (€8,50), the short Ribs with Barbecue Sauce (€8), or the Strips of Steak from Uruguay (€10,50). There are still Black Pork Cheeks in Red Wine (€7), the classic broad Beans with Chorizo (€5,50) and Eggs Ruptured in Chips Trufada & Ham (€9).

During the day, and only until 18: 00, there is a “tapas Menu of the season”. In addition to Bread, Olives, Pate & Marmalade of Onion, asks the client to choose three tapas among 13 available and that can be peppers stuffed, chicken curry, patata brava, peppers and standard, mixed salad with croutons, salad of roasted peppers & cheese fetta, cooked shrimp, calamari, fish cakes sauce with chilli, almondegas in tomato sauce spicy, asinhas chicken spicy, broad beans with chorizo or tajine of lamb. All end with a dessert of the day or ice cream (€12,95). The Italian Tapas & Wine is located in Estrada do Vale do Lobo, Almancil, (Tel. 289 391 145).

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