Cervejaria Ramiro: card-of-visit of Lisbon

There are two rush hours at the Brewery Ramiro, the second, the hour of dinner, quite more busy than the lunch, the results virtually every day in long queues that will extending the Avenida Almirante Reis.

To get the table you need to be in the ground by 18: 30, ideally. And nothing guarantees that the mission is successful. Is so there are more than 50 years, says one who remembers the first few years of this that it is one of the seafood restaurants of the oldest of Lisbon. The reason for the bustle was always the same: fresh seafood, variety and quality, the beer at the point and the service dispatched.

At Cervejaria Ramiro (Av. Almirante Reis, 1 – H, Lisbon. Tel. 218 851 024) eats without ceremonies, hammering the crab with force, and spends the toalhita lemon to undo, and no one takes the evil of the occasional shells that fly from the table to the side. Part of the experience getting your hands dirty.

Before any choice is assumed, comes to the table crisp bread with butter, which is quickly supplied whenever the dish is empty. The same happens with the imperial, and the system remains until stated otherwise. Start by selecting private ham pata negra (€12,21) and follow to the cockles (€11,07), great for entertain until they reach the crab (€22,17/kg) and the shrimp à la Aguillo (€11,07), one of the classics of the house. In the end, to be even seriously, the nail of the loin (€4,17) is the “dessert” mandatory.

In addition to a terrace, new, very friendly to entertain the wait with an imperial, also the storefront of the Brewery Ramiro is a distraction from the live seafood were replaced by 22 parts of Bordallo Pinheiro. There are horse mackerel, barnacles, sardines, clams, crab, lobster and a cod for a recreation perfect for a market stall that marks the re-release of the collection Fish&Shellfish, originally designed in the XIX.

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