Chefs On Fire: Cooks around a campfire

It is not a meeting of friends, but almost. At the end of the summer, September 23, the seven heads are going to join around a campfire for cooking and to honor the “soldiers of peace”. The festival “Chefs On Fire” will take place throughout the day, at Estoril, with good food and lots of music.

John Rodrigues, Miguel Rocha Vieira, Pedro Lemos, Vasco Coelho Santos, award-winning in 2018, by the Guide Good Bed Good Table, with forks of Platinum, Gold and Silver, and still Ljubomir Stanisic and Manuel Maldonado (100 Ways) and António Galapito (restaurant Prado) promise a warm day, with plenty of embers, the fire slow and aromas are strong. The idea is simple and carries a intention very special: pay tribute to the fire department.

In the center of this first edition of the event “Chefs On Fire”, there is a fire, inserted in a circular structure with 90 m2, where the chefs will cook slowly, from 12h00 to 22h00. The entry costs €55, of which €5 is charged in favour of the Firefighters of the Estoril, and gives you the right to taste a dish from each chef, and 3 drinks. As a follow-up, there is music, the office of national artists, such as Salvador Sobral, Tiago Bettencourt, Best Youth, Budda Power Blues , and still the project Let the Sat in Peace, with Bruno Nogueira e Manuela Azevedo.

The “Chefs On Fire” takes place in the space FIARTIL, (Avenida Amaral, 192, Estoril), and also with the realization of mini-workshops for the whole family, that include rules for cooking (well and safely) with ofogo. On behalf of the environment and sustainability, the festival is 100% free of plastic and, therefore, the crockery used are biodegradable and made from bamboo and sugar cane.

The organization of the “Chefs On Fire” is by the same team that gave birth to the project “The Presidential”, the convoy of presidential circulating in the Douro, with the kitchen in the charge of well-known chefs.

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