Christmas chocolates 2016 by The Manufacture Cluizel

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The…, November 28, 2016
… January 3, 2017

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34 euros (box of chocolate)

85 euros (box hat)

For these festivals of end of the year, the Manufacture Cluizel promises us a Christmas delicious, with beautiful gift boxes to share with family.

If you are one of the very many lovers of cocoa then you have no doubt hopping up and down with impatience at the idea to discover and taste the different chocolates offered to these festivals of end of the year 2016.

At Michel Cluizel, the chocolate can be enjoyed as beggars, in an assortment of mini-tablets, dark chocolate, milk and ivory, dried fruit, and candied, Beggars, black-and-milk, Pistoles, dark orange and milk caramel, ideal for the end of the meal !

And for a fabulous gift, Michel Cluizel offers a box hat, with multiple layers of surprises, including Palet d’or, Paradox milk, Puck, Raspberry, Ginger, Bahia, Pasta, fruit, Almonds, in a Cauldron, Beggars, Pasta, Fruit and Truffles.

Practical info :
Christmas 2016 by The Manufacture Cluizel
The Manufacture Cluizel : 201 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris
Prices : 34€ / box€ 85 the hat