Christmas eve in the hotel: the tradition at the table, without work or discussions…

Christmas, the time of year that if you want to peaceful, solidary, and in mild conviviality but that rarely happens as well. Times have changed, sure, but there will be certainly thousands (millions?) homes in Portugal, where the days preceding the feast are passed back from the fryer to brown the filhoses, dreams, French toast and other polmes needed for the Christmas eve. A lot of work for a meal that made the accounts if he ships out in two hours. Therefore a cost/benefit does not always pay – especially to those who were at the helm of the stove.

But fear not, dear readers. This year, no worries, culinary, the nuisance of tidying up the kitchen at the end of the night, and the unrest that is to know that the next day at lunch, spin the disk and plays the same. This year, you can believe, you only need to participate in the good part of the party, that see happen and contribute without who expect much of themselves. How? Changing the family dining room, for a hotel restaurant. In Lisbon and Porto, the offer is large and the program of the festival promises to not neglect the tradition to the table.
On our part, are the votes of a Merry Christmas, wherever you pass.

InterContinental Estoril recreates the Country of the Wonders
Magic can be synonymous with Christmas, so the InterContinental Estoril invites you to celebrate this season in your own Wonderland. Inspired by the work of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, but without forgetting the tradition, the Lobby Lounge and the Atlantic Bar & Restaurant promise an environment enchanted with a view to the sea. For the Christmas meal, the Head Ricardo Simões proposes traditional dishes, like the cod “with all” and the roast lamb with esparregado, and potatoes roasted. But to entertain before you begin, there is an original recreation of “chicken”, in this version with prawns, lettuce-sea, apple, Alvarinho and phytoplankton. The dinner ends with sericaia pudding with ice cream and coffee crumble dried fruits (€69 per person; children up to 4 years do not pay). On Christmas day, you can choose between a late breakfast (€65) that, in addition to the broth-green, roast lamb, sushi, desserts and the variety of salads, it also includes a children’s menu with burgers, pizza, fries, gummy candy (how not?) and skewered fruit, or at lunch full (€55) with the right to foie gras and seafood, cod and suckling pig and desserts tempting food. Avenida Marginal 8023, Estoril. Tel. 218 291 100

Tradition at the table in the Crowne Plaza Porto
The hotel Crowne Plaza Porto, in Avenida da Boavista, opens the doors to the city to celebrate the feast of the family. The Christmas dinner (€75) account with a menu inspired by the flavors and aromas of the season, where does not lack the obligatory dish of Cod and Tournedos of veal grilled, accompanied by rösti potatoes and vegetables mediterranean grill. For dessert, the table is filled with traditional sweets of Christmas to choose from. For lunch the next day (€70), the Boss Jorge Sousa prepares a buffet with cold starters, hot and some pitéus traditional, such as “Old Clothes”, Lamb roasted in the oven, Put veal roast accompanied by mashed cabbage, galician and bean-friar and Fillet of grouper, grilled, sauce, dessert, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. In the glass, the hotel suggests Wines from the Cellars of “Crowne Plaza”, between the green white, mellow white and red. To finish, there is milk, cream, egg, noodles, and rice sweet; the fruit formed; and the boards of cheeses and foreign nationals with a display of bread rolls, biscuits, dried fruit and marmalade. Avenida da Boavista, 1466, Porto, portugal. Tel. 226 072 500

Christmas the view of the Tagus river in the Hotel Palace of the Governor
On the Amphora, the restaurant of the hotel NAU Palace of the Governor, the good parties are at the table in a refined and warm atmosphere, with a view to the Tower of Belém, complemented by dishes signed by the newly arrived chief Vera Silva, which combines the traditional products of the time in reinterpretations bold that promise an unforgettable Christmas to see the Tagus. For the Christmas eve and Christmas Lunch (both available for €80 per person), meals start with a marinated Salmon, salad, bulb fennel and asparagus, followed by the Consomé of mushrooms and quail and, in the end, the only policeman with marine algae. For the main dishes could not miss the typical cod version Cod B. T., a puree of topinambur, bimi stir-fries, and chips of garlic, but being the lamb is also a meat very appreciated this season the Fillet of lamb, with vegetables winter is the dish that follows. The festival of flavors ends with a cherry Pie in dried fruits, soaked in a syrup of spices and kirch that may be combined with other delicacies available in the buffet of desserts. Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 117, Lisbon. Tel. 212 467 800

Altis Avenida with three menus to choose from for Christmas
Imbued with the spirit of the festive season, the chef João Correia, the Rossio Restaurant at the Altis Avenida Hotel, went to work for the Christmas days. Are creations full of Portuguese flavors, as is typical in the cuisine of the chef, with options for those who do not include meat or fish in your diet. For each day of the festival, an offer that is different. The Christmas Supper (€51) begins with a Cream of mushrooms roasted with thyme. As might be expected, the following is the Cod, which is here is fresh, confit in olive oil and flavored with garlic and rosemary. Then there is the Cheek, braised pork, with mashed patanisca and, in the end, a table very composed of traditional sweets. For the Christmas Lunch (€51) tell with Patty of oxtail with mix leaves and vinaigrette of honey and lemon; Masada shrimp with croutons of bread and Kid coloured with pureed beets and carrots baby in noisette. For those who not in party day say yes to the pleasures of the flesh, there is Salad dióspiros baked with asparagus and cheese of Azeitão, Cannelloni of ricotta cheese and sautéed spinach, tomato sauce and basil, fried and Mashed beets with roasted vegetables, a heart of tomato and fresh leaves. And if you thought that the suggestions were for here, between 19h00 and 22h00 of the day 25, that still counts as Christmas, although less euphoric, there is a snack-high tea (€45), with salads, meat balls and sausages, salmon cure, homemade broth, green woodpecker, Christmas candy and fruit of the season. The meals are accompanied by wines Valley of the Sands, included in the figures of the menus. Rua 1º de dezembro, 120, Lisbon. Tel. 210 440 000

Traditional christmas in NH Collection Porto Batalha
Join the family and provide a Christmas night different at the NH Collection Porto Batalha. The Menu for Christmas eve (€49,50), prepared by the chef António Vieira, begins with Cappuccino of Porcini mushrooms, followed by a Carpaccio of venison, blade of foie gras and aroma of truffle. The fish dish, as one would expect, is Loin of cod confit with migada potato and egg at low temperature, since the meat is the Fillet Wellington, potato fondant and sauce of Cabernet Sauvignon. Finish off with the breakfast of traditional pastries of the season. For lunch the next day, the Christmas Buffet (€49,50) includes a variety of hot and cold dishes such as Cream of peas and ham, Cod of Old Clothing and Veal roasted in the oven. For dessert are reserved for the traditional sweets. Praça da Batalha, 60-65, Porto, portugal. Tel. 227 660 600

Fine dinning by Chef Rui Paula at the Tivoli Liberdade
In more sophisticated dwelling of Lisbon, the Tivoli Liberdade invites you to experience the Christmas single, with the amazing culinary offerings in the Terrace restaurant by chef Rui Paula and the Brewery’s Freedom. The iconic hotel has just been fully renovated, featuring a perfect scenario – in a well-balanced combination between classic and modern – to give life to a Christmas with all of its authenticity.^On the night of December 24, the dinner promises to surprise with the charm of fine dining combined with excellent service Tivoli. The highlights of the Cod pil-pil with cream of chickpeas and kale stir-fries, as well as the Shovel of a lamb with a terrine of eggplant and sauce romesco. For Christmas day, is reserved for a lunch that keeps the creative line that characterizes the head, standing once more to bet on the quality and flavors of the domestic products. The sea Bass with squid from the Azores and cantarelos and Veal, tongue glaciada, sauce tonnato and mashed potatoes smoked are reinterpretations tempting to live the tradition of christmas (price on request). Avenida da Liberdade 185, Lisbon. Tel. 213 198 900

On Christmas day, gather the Family at The Yeatman
If the idea was to take advantage of the festive days to head to the Port and finally go to know the The Yeatman family, we have a good and a bad news. The bad is that the Christmas dinner is already sold out; the good is that there are still places available for the Christmas Lunch on the 25th. The meeting is scheduled for 13: 00 at restaurant The Orangerie, that on the day of a feast is transfigured on a wide buffet, prepared by Chef Ricardo Costa (€125), composed of starters and salads, hot dishes (where there are many copies of the usual, such as cod and peru), and the sweets of the season, all of them as per the traditional recipes. All this with a superb view over the Douro river, which at this time of year reflects almost magically the Christmas lights of the cities of Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto. Rua do Choupelo, Vila Nova de Gaia. Tel. 220 133 100

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