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Christmas logs 2016 of the Trianon Palace Versailles

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… December 15, 2016
… December 31, 2016

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Trianon Palace Versailles A Waldorf Astoria Hotel

1 Boulevard de la Reine
78000 Versailles

15 euros (for The 3 bites of animals)

75 euros (log 8)

Notice to gourmets ! The pastry Chef of the Trianon Palace Versailles, Eddie Benghanem, sign a series of several sweets and a log fairy-tale inspired by the universe of Deyrolles, to be enjoyed without moderation for the festivals of end of the year 2016!

For this Christmas 2016, the Trianon Palace Versailles has decided to spoil you… Eddie Benghanem, Pastry Chef of the palace, offers a series of desserts to enjoy on site or to take away, inspired by the dreamlike universe of Deyrolles.

Like last year, the hotel versailles is adorned with beautiful decorations made by Deyrolles for the holidays. On this occasion, the sweets of Christmas are attuned to these facilities enchanting.

For the log of this year, the nature, art and gastronomy go well together. On a base of log chocolate black with the look of rough wood, covered with a heart that is tender and stuffed with hazelnut praline slightly salty, the chef offers a cake-white velvet composed of a duo of dark chocolate for the bitterness and milk chocolate mousse to bring out the sweetness and a slight sweet taste. The caramel with passion fruit and the lemon adds a tangy note, which are combined with harmony a crispy generous to the fêve of cocoa, a light cream with the vanilla and the softness of her sugar cookie moscovado.

Inspired by a surge of butterflies from Deyrolle in sugar, the log invites you to escape and dream, to the purity : enjoy the present moment around the alchemy of aromatic notes of sweet, salty, acid and bitter, invite sharing, and especially in the delicacy…

For a break smoothly or to take with you to enjoy when you want, the chef also offers bite-sized individual , which will delight small and big children that we are. Also cute that good, these pastries pay tribute to the world wildlife Deyrolles.

These small bites individual have been carried out in two parts : a cake topped with a rocher praline. Each animal embodies a note aromatic particular. The flavors are in harmony, that the pleasure is as much about taste as visual.

In short, and if you offered a nice sweetness, or a beautiful log ?

Practical info :
Christmas logs 2016
Enjoy on the spot or to take away – The Trianon Palace Versailles

Price of the log : 75 €
Log for 8 people
Available at Trianon Palace Versailles
On order 48 hours in advance
As from 15 December 2016

The 3 pieces : 15 €
Available at Trianon Palace Versailles
On order 48 hours in advance
As from 15 December 2016