Classic as always: 10 restaurants that withstand the passage of time

There are a handful of restaurants in Portugal that little link to the beat of twelve strokes, the who the wishes of the right time in the passing of the year little say, and that does not deviate, neither to a millimeter, a line drawn there are many decades of serving always with a special attention to all customers. They call it “classic” or, simply, the “safe harbor” in which gastronomy is concerned. In some of these ten examples, the employees treat the customers by name and know the story of the families of the regulars until the third generation. A lot more restaurants there would be in this category, but for a good start to the year, follow the suggestions of Good Bed Good Table and sit at the table of these 10 areas of Lisbon and Porto.

Solar Hams

In April 2007, José Quitério wrote in the pages of the Express: “up-to-Date and comforted, it’s a consolation to be able to congratulate Evaristo Cardoso, his wife and former cook, Mary Grace, his son and successor, Peter, the chef, José Silva, and all of the employees, proclaiming that the Solar of the Hams, occupies a place of honor in the restricted itinerary of lisbon of the restaurants that best cultivate the authentic tastes of Portuguese.” In 2017 the guide Good Bed Good Table attributed to Evaristo Cardoso, the owner and founder of the Solar of the Hams, the Career Award, by the example of dedication to the good table, widely recognized by all. Even today, at the age of 75 years, continues to be a consistent presence in the restaurant, now with a management the most active of the son, Pedro Cardoso, without this undermining the quality standards that the manor of Hams have used customers for more than four decades. Here, in addition to many famous, is the defense of the good traditional Portuguese cuisine, with emphasis on the dishes of minho, with the lamprey in its due season. Average price: €40.
Rua Portas de Santo Antão, 150, Lisbon. Tel. 213 424 253


In full Praça dos Restauradores, in Lisbon, opened its doors in 1982 and since then, rare are the days in which gave rest to the personal. Don’t have time for lunch or dinner, as they often begin to serve the same table at 13h00 and lifting the towels and bring them in to accounts after one in the morning. At the restaurant Pinocchio seafood, exposed at the entrance are card-of-visit, but the Steak Loin “Pica-pau”, with 700 grams and the house specialty, a true doom, accompanied of French fries-perfect, crispy and at the right point of frying. Even in the symbols of the house, don’t miss the Beef Tenderloin, with garlic sauce, Tournedos aux champignons, or the Solomillo of Iberian Pig at the barbecue. Not to be missed are also the imperial, served in a bowl of ice cream, taken from a huge ark refrigerating. Watch out on how they are prepared and the clams…
Praça Restauradores 79, 1250-188 Lisbon. Tel. 213 465 106

The Galeto

Opened with pomp and circumstance on the 29th day of July 1966, which was designed according to the creativity of architects, Bento d’almeida and Victor Palla, that did shake half Lisbon. Then got surprised with the counter in a zigzag pattern, with the hangers individual under the bar for the ladies not to put the bags on the floor, and with the impeccable service until the “wee hours” of the morning, read till 03h30 in the morning. In the restaurant The Galeto, there are menus, the “combined” and breakfast, which are served since the opening of the doors at 07h30 until the shutdown, and that may include a “Hambúrguês in brioche, with mayonnaise, pickles and a bottle of wine, but of the little. At least once in life is obligatory to taste the Steak to the Galeto or the Lures of the Liver will be Portuguese. Average price: €30.
Avenida da República, 14, Lisbon. Tel. 213 544 444

Adega da Tia Matilde

Born in 1926, as a tavern, and with time, went on growing, and, truly by multiplying by the surrounding rooms, turning to the few in a prestigious restaurant. The more regular clients still look for the table in the corner, right at the entrance, where almost all the days of Eusébio da Silva Ferreira sat by and let your appetite in the hands of the cooks, who served him with dedication. In the daily dishes of the restaurant Adega da Tia Matilde there is always chicken Soup Grouper with Clams and Spinach, Lamb in the Oven and Chicken Rice to Aunt Matilde, a Cabidela of eat and cry for more. It is the meeting point of various figures of politics and business who are there in a discreet way. The table of Eusebius still reserved for the “King”. Average price: €30.
Rua da Beneficência, 77, Lisbon. Tel. 217 972 172

Cimas English Bar

It is a real institution. Entering this restaurant, which still retains the name of the English Bar, is like entering a History book. Here you breathe the tradition, anchored in the decor, with walls lined wood and touches of other decades. The Cimas English Bar (of the family Over Sobral) was born in 1941, as a bar, and since then has been here spies of various nationalities, public figures, businessmen, politicians and royalty from all quadrants. The little legs of the frog, breaded or with garlic, is still a classic in this kitchen, which also gained fame thanks to the game dishes, especially the woodcock. The snowy grouper in the oven with clams, is a specialty. Average price: €50.
Avenida de Sabóia, 9, Monte Estoril. Tel. 214 680 413

Beira Mar

Has more than half a century of open doors, the four decades under the same management. Quality in the product, kitchen tune and a restaurant staff attentive to all details ensure the fame and the advantage of this classic restaurant in Cascais. At the entrance, in the restaurant Beira Mar, the display shows the fresh fish of the day, and a little more on the inside the eyes stop at the aquarium seafood. To entertain or fish, the choice is complicated: clams, mussels, prawns and stuffed crab. There are other options, calibrated by weight, of the carabineros to the lobster, without forgetting the prawns and the langoustines. In fish, the charter presents one of the greatest classics of the house: fillets of hake with rice cockles. Simply a must-see!
Rua das Flores, 6, Cascais. Tel. 214 827 380


The story has it that in 1964, it was remodeled and enlarged by the architect Maurício de Vasconcelos. From these works, and at a time when Portugal was a closed country, and under a dictatorship, has reached the status of a luxury Restaurant that maintains until today. It was also the worth of this architect that will come out of the unique designs of lamps, tables with generous dimensions and comfortable chairs in wood and leather, Portuguese, engraved with the logo of the restaurant. But it was in the “Bar” that the nights were beginning, that if they traded two fingers from convert, or if they saw the artists coming out of the Coliseu dos Recreios for a meal “out of hours”. There are several “Gambrinices” served at Gambrinus, but the Croquettes have been already several times referred to as the “best of Lisbon”. In the room the specialties continue to be the Soup of Rich Fish, the Pie of Partridge, Preached in the Court-Bouillon and the Eisbein with Sauerkraut. Average price: €40.
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 23-25, Lisbon. Tel. 213 421 466

Casa Nanda

The inheritance of the Mamuda, one of the most emblematic restaurants of the city in the mid 60’s and 70’s, is today preserved in the Casa Nanda. The two ex-officials there opened the doors, in the early 80’s, a tavern that quickly evolved into a restaurant, and since then continue to follow the traditional recipes of the fillets of octopus with rice, the head of hake to the Rose from the Churchyard, to the rockets, passing by cod. The inevitable casings serve to the Saturday and the cozido à portuguesa ” on Wednesday, days in the cozy room and buliçosa rise of tone to the conversations of the people of the North, surrounded by a family service and an interesting wine cellar. Average price: €20.
Rua da Alegria, 394, Porto, portugal. Tel. 225 370 575

The Corner

It is comforting to know that there are places that can be relied upon to remain equal to themselves, by which the years do not go when it is a natural evolution. The Corner is one of those houses, always consistent, a safe choice when we want to return to a taste of the family. The menu of the restaurant The Corner is extensive and comes with a wine list that, yes, in constant growth, with new references to accompany the dishes of always. Bread and rice, seafood or lobster, sea bass-salt, fish-cock with bread rivaling the dishes of the day, as the kid of the goats Sunday, the guts on the second or the duck rice to the farm. Average price: €30.
Rua Roberto Ivens, 826, Matosinhos, Portugal. Tel. 229 378 796

The Cooking of Manel

It is one of the restaurants the oldest in the city, which will resisting the fashions sustained in the traditional cuisine of quality. The first room of the restaurant The Kitchen of Manel invites you to taste the meal on a long counter. On one side, photographs of the many personalities who have visited this house. On the other, a wine cellar is organized by regions suggests a number of proposals. In the recollection of the room from the top is also good. At lunch and dinner there is a parade of dishes consistent of a expert kitchen which respects the traditional recipes: Portuguese stew, pork, veal roast, but also flecks of octopus and hake and cod in various clothing. Average price: €30.
Rua do Heroismo, 215, Porto, portugal. Tel. 919 787 598

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