Cod author: Receipts with signature to celebrate Christmas

Tradition says that the cod is eaten cooked, with potatoes and cabbage, sprinkled with the best olive oil. Only that tradition is not what it was, and these revenues confirm that it is true, there are a thousand and one ways to prepare the one who is regarded as the “Faithful Friend”. Know the following proposals of various chefs to celebrate Christmas differently.

Vítor Matos, one of the most consistent heads the national, says that “at The Table the Tradition is Renewed,” but bet a dish of cod complex, with flavors unusual that demonstrate to be going through a phase of great creativity. In the restaurant Antiqvvm, in the Port, serves the Cod with hands, veal Maronesa with chickpeas, cenourinhas and sprouts bio, with a broth of hands, slightly smoky and wild flowers. The tasting menu costs €100 per person. The street of entre-Quintas, 220, Porto, portugal. Tel. 226 000 445

The Sidewalk of Cod (€27) is made with the typical recipe of bacalhau à Brás, with eggs, potatoes, straw, homemade, loin, and dry cod-chipped and a cebolada with garlic and bay leaves. This Henrique Sá Pessoa adds an emulsion of parsley, egg yolk confit and carpaccio of cod with black olives. The effect is phenomenal, you remember the traditional Portuguese sidewalk. The company of normal people through television, Sá Person reaches this year one of the highest points of his career, with his new Soul After receiving a Golden Fork by the guide “Boa cama Boa Mesa” was awarded with a Michelin star. Rua Anchieta 15, Lisbon. Tel. 213 470 650

Already nobody doubts that Diogo Rocha is one of the names to take into account in the national gastronomy. Winner of the Golden Fork in 2016 by the Good Bed Good Table, having won the Revelation prize in the previous year, is betting on simplicity of the dishes. For this, only calls: “Iceland Cod” (€20), a name that does not do justice to the dish. Because it is a surprising work that it takes cod from Iceland confit, cream of beans and bonito, sauce samos, baked goods, salad of peas, beans) and coriander. The restaurant Mesa de Lemos is well worth a visit. Quinta de Lemos, Silgueiros, Viseu. Tel. 961 158 503

Bruno Rocha assumes that the Bacalhau à Brás Neighborhood (€16) was one of the dishes more difficult to create. He gave, moreover, the pain of the head until you reach the final form. Decided to keep all the original ingredients, following the recipe, only worked technically. Highlights-the healing of the faithful friend with the seaweed kombu, the smoothness of the connection between the potato and the egg and the touch masterful of the juice of the onion. A dish to taste in the restaurant the Flowers in the Neighborhood. Bairro Alto Hotel Praça Luís de Camões 2, Lisbon. Tel. 213 408 252

The Cod with all (€12) began as a test of color, in Congress of Chefs and ended up as one of the most requested entries from the letter drawn by Renato Cunha on the restaurant’s Rust, near Vila Nova de Famalicão. It takes a salad with cold cod with cream of chickpeas, olive oil, spring onions in picle, quail egg, olives, micro greens and flowers. A real explosion of traditional flavours that demonstrates, and as well, that the chief of the northern is on the right track and continues to deserve all the attention. Received a Golden Fork in 2016. The street of Stones, 32, Portela. Tel. 252 911 700


The dish of Cod/Bread/Cherovia (€24.50) was the winner of this year’s edition of the contest The Revolt of the Cod. Created for the contest, the Revolt of The Cod, by young chief Patrick Simões, the team led by Louis the Angels, it is a proposal that intends to bring the dish flavors has the singer. Available, for this day at the Restaurant Mon-Chic, takes the cod cool slightly cured, a traditional bread of coriander, mashed cherovia, vegetables, young, and emulsion of olive oil. Surprising even for a saucy stuffed fish that came with the proposal. Macdonald Monchique Resort & SPA, Lugar Do Montinho, Monchique. Tel. 282 240 130

It is amazing the “Cod Vintage in the Lands of Schist” (€15) created by the talented Flavius Silva, the restaurant’s The Buke. The young chef uses cod with 20 months of healing of the marks Lugrade together with serrano ham, mashed sweet potatoes, garden vegetables, regional olive oil, shallots, dried fruit and leek. A subtle blend of innovation with regional produce and authentic flavours make this a restaurant required and to discover in the interior of the Country. Do not forget to taste the dessert, with sweet rice, “tigelada” and the whole of the Beira Serra served in a single dish. The candy mountain, also created by the chef, are perfect to end the meal. Villa Pampilhosa Hotel, Pampilhosa da Serra. Tel. 235 590 010

Already is the famous “Drying of the Neighborhood” Ljubomir Stanisic, as well as the shape and the creativity of the head. This dish, reminiscent of the estendais of the clothing of the Portuguese cities, takes cod dehydrated sauce with aioli and coriander and peppers. It is presented in ropes and hung with springs and is part of the tasting menu that costs €60. Demonstrates the creativity of the chef and the ability he had, being a foreigner, to take on portugal, and to show it to the table in each of their creations. To meet at the restaurant 100 maneiras. Rua do Teixeira 35, Lisbon. Tel. 910 307 575

In good time Rodrigo Castle left the pharmaceutical industry and invested in the opening of the Tavern O the Counter, in Santarém. The Cod with Grain (€16) is made with mashed bib with broth hand beef. Accompanying with grain and cubes of leg of the cow. The cod is done at low temperature, accompanied with saramagos bringidos in olive oil with garlic and bay leaves. The use of this vegetable, wild, shows the connection to the traditional cuisine and the customs of the region, with a clear advantage to those who try such creativity. Rua Pedro de Santarém, 73, Denver. Tel. 243 055 883

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