Come October, it’s Oktoberfest at restaurant Biergarten

In a simple translation, Oktoberfest can be translated as “feast of October”. But, for the German culture (and increasingly in most countries), Oktoberfest want to say “beer party”, once the name has gained global projection with the famous beer festival of Munich, in Germany.

In Portugal, the most German of the national restaurants goes by the name beer garden. Or, if you prefer, the Vila Vita Biergarten, a time is the award-winning resort in the algarve which makes their management even though the restaurant if you locate the half-a-dozen miles from the space of the hotel, more precisely in one of the roundabouts of the EN-125 in Porches.

Renewed even before the summer, the restaurant beer garden (Tel. 282 381 177) receive this day (until 8 October) its version of Oktoberfest, in which the various beers and the food is typically German dominate the menu specially prepared for this days and nights of partying (During the Oktoberfest, the VILA VITA Biergarten is open from 15h00 to 22h00). In addition to the menu, the entire space of the restaurant recreates the accuracy the typical atmosphere of the German festival, where there are many employees dressed in traditional costumes and mural paintings that depict scenes of life in Bavaria. And, as the party that is the party, must have music, every day, from 19.00, enters in action the German band Müncher Gaudiblosn.

To help refresh the gorges, during these days, the beer Erdinger (pressure), one of the most prestigious of Germany, gets the status of the “official drink” of the Oktoberfest in the restaurant beer garden (0,5 l /€5, and 1 lt /€9,50). In the version of half a litre, if you choose you can still take home a mug collection alluding to the party (€8,50). An interesting alternative is the craft beer Porches IPA (€6).

As to the special menu Oktoberfest, the restaurant suggests the best of German cuisine, famous homemade sausages from butcher’s Metzgerei (next to beer garden), brought to the table as the Trio of sausages with potato salad and sauerkraut (12,50), passing by the Schnitzel, or breaded pork city (€13), by the tempting Ham pork crisp, with a salad of kale (€15). Tell still with the famous bread Bretzel, the Board of cold meats from Bavaria, paté and rustic bread (€15), and the Board smoked fish, Bavarian-style, pickles, bread and rusks (€15,50).

To end the meal is obligatory Apfelstrudel, apple Strudel to be served, or with vanilla sauce (€5) or with artisanal ice cream vanilla (€8). I would add that the restaurant and beer garden offers a wide area of play for children in the garden, inviting, and thus the entire family for a day of celebration… different.

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