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Conrad Algarve: the night all the stars

In the restaurant Gusto by Heinz Beck is all the posts. Less than 24 hours of the onset of the edition, number 9 of the Route of the Star, preparations are being finalised, choose the wines, and prepares the dinner which today joins three heads of the constellation of Michelin stars in Portugal. The German Heinz Beck, with three Michelin stars at La Pergolain Italy, invites Ricardo Costa of The Yeatman and John Oliveira of the Restaurant for an evening that promises to be unique.

One realizes easily that the menu display today is unique. Prepared with the greatest secrecy, brings together creations from three heads, harmonized by Miguel Martins and Nelson de Matos, respectively, Sommelier and Head Bartender of Gusto by Heinz Beck. There are seven dishes (€195), three by the chief host and two for each of the guests.

For a start, it serves-in this edition of the Route of the Stars at the Conrad Algarve, “Vegetable Primavera with scampi and guanciale” by Heinz Beck. Ricardo Costa follows with “Cuttle fish, Protein, Yeast, fried and Eel fried”. It is up to John Oliveira serve after the “Scallops, black pork chorizo, celery and Bottarga”. The dinner continues with “Tortellini with squid, plankton, and fruits of the sea”, by the chief host, continues with the person responsible for the kitchen of The Yeatman to present “sea Bream, seaweed, oysters and fish stew”.

Before the end of the head of the Vista Restaurant serves, in this edition of the Route of the Stars, “Leitão da Bairrada, egg, mushrooms, and spinach”. Ends with “Dall armelina all albicocca” by Heinz Beck. This dinner is the first opportunity to see this in the same kitchen with the two new Michelin stars awarded in Portugal, in this case of Daniele Pirillo chief executive of Gusto and João Oliveira of View, together in a food event.

The Festival Route of the Stars happens exclusively in restaurants awarded a star in Guide Michelin. The first was held in 2010 and since then, repeated annually, covering Portugal from North to South, usually from march to November, with inroads already in Spain and in Brazil. It is one of the most important gastronomic festivals in the country, having contributed to the interaction and closeness between the main characters of the high gastronomy, as well as to the visibility at national and international levels.

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