Costa Nova Beach Club: Much more than a beach bar

Only open in the summer, when the sun returns in force. It is managed by the same promoters of the old Breakwater Beach Club, and, every holiday season, filled with “paints” the Beach of Costa Nova, in Ílhavo. The Costa Nova Beach Club is a small paradise, where the most important thing is to celebrate the arrival of the heat, with a good mood.

“Blessed” by the blue of the sky and the sea, the Costa Nova Beach Club installs in the sand 16 seats for light meals, at the table, 70-seat of sun lounger, hammocks, and even a kids club, with shade and a table for arts and crafts, paintings of shells and even swings baby! The environment, relaxed and family-friendly, facilitates the experience of “stories” and the cultivation of the affections, in an effort to which all are welcome.

Pays homage, also, to the region. The Costa Nova Beach Club uses the elegant towels of the brand Coast New, porcelain fine, locally produced and present in more than 50 countries. The brand gives its name to the project and lends him the philosophy: “celebrate life” and reflect “the essence of the small fishing village” of Costa Nova do Prado. The furniture listed it is inspired by the “haystacks”, the colorful wooden houses with vertical stripes or horizontal, which made the village known. In the past, were warehouses of material of fishing, or salting the sardines, having been converted, especially in homes beach.

The option by black and white has a reason to be. The Costa Nova Beach Club (Praia da Costa Nova, Ílhavo. Tel. 915 525 328) recovers some memories of whom always attended this beach. Example of this is one of the best-selling the French fries craft that was once sold in this beach. Are available in buckets (small $ 2 medium $ 3), and in bags to take to the sand. Can still prove suggestions such as toast chicken (5), the folder Pomodoro (7) and salads such as grilled vegetables (8).

To drink, what more if you sell the lemonade (€1,75) and fresh juices (€3,50). The bar also sells much gin, even because of parties at the end of the week, Fridays and Saturdays, in which you say goodbye to the sun with style…

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