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Cutting room: Returned to the “Pleasures of the Flesh,” the Lisbon

The wait, after all it was short. It was only seven months, the time required to move the Restaurant Cutting Room the address of the original in the Rua da Ribeira Nova, 28, in Lisbon to the number 7 of the Praça D. Luís I Gained space, more seats (from 28 to 66), a greater ark of maturation, which now goes to the 30 days, opposed to the usual 21, and, with all this, Lisbon was to have a space where the pleasures of the flesh are taken to the extreme.

The qualities of Luis Gaspar, as head of the kitchen, do not leave anyone indifferent. The winner of the edition 2017 of the competition Chef of the Year, has accustomed the city to the excellence of the flesh, the refinement of follow-ups, and to the delicacy of the presentation, and the true “carnivores,” they felt that their lack during these seven months away from the grills. In the new Cutting Room, you realize the satisfaction of a return, and, especially, the pride with which back the choose cuts of meat, and suggest one option or the other of the letter, in front of the glass window of maturation.

The novelties presented by Luís Gaspar in the Cutting Room are “T-bone”, the bone to separate the tenderloin and the empty, matured for 15 days, sold by the pound (€75), and “Rabada Minhota Galician”, a piece of large dimensions, which includes titty, rump, rump and pojadouro, also served by the weight (€85). A different way to serve three different types of cut, perfect for sharing in one of the elegant tables in the room, or, to the balcony, where the craft and the art of who prepares the meat part of the meal.

Of course, in the Cutting Room, continue to the “’entrecôte” (€23), the “loins” (€24), the “Chateaubriand” (€32), the “picanha” (€22) and the “empty” (€18) are always served with served with cherry tomatoes roast and relish of tomato, smoked. Appear, accompanied by various sauces, chosen to elevate the taste of maturation, such as the “Chimichurri”, the “Mayonnaise Black Truffle”, the “Béarnaise”, the “Garlic Butter and Herbs” and “Mushroom”. There are still “Mashed Potatoes with Olive oil Truffle”, “Bras Mushrooms and green asparagus”, “Rice, Bean, chorizo onion and farofa manioc” and a phenomenal “ Esparregado Spinach with Cheese S. Jorge PDO 12 months”.

Those who want something faster, you can opt for a Nail, served in bolo do caco with mayonnaise Dijon mustard and fries, which can be of the “Empty” (€14), “’entrecôte” (€16) or “Loin” (€18). The “Steak Tartare chef” (€22) and the “Burger with egg, cheddar cheese and pork belly smoked” (€14), are other options.

Another of the novelties of the Cutting Room is the window facing the street and the terrace, with a letter of “Snack’s” (€4), that more than one entertains before entering the room, are proposed to the end of the day, or early evening. There are “Wonton Cheese Serra da Estrela, copita, and fig jam”, “Patty Ham Pata Negra, cheese S. Jorge PDO and mayonnaise black truffle” and “Taco of Roast beef a Portuguese with mayonnaise sausage”, good as “Croquettes of veal with Dijon mustard”. It is suggested that they are accompanied by a Coktail, another of the new bets, created by Fernão Gonçalves, usually in the Restaurant Fishing, such as the “Mojito Basil and Ginger”, the “Whiskey Fizz Tangerine and lime kaffir” and the already famous “Negroni aged and Truffle”.

The restaurant Cutting Room does not close, Saturday and Sunday they serve non-stop from 12h00 to 01h00, and is located in Praça D. Luís I, 7, next to Cais do Sodré in Lisbon (Tel. 213 460 030).

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