D u Portinho: A pearl of Sado hidden in Arrábida

As the name indicates, live in Portinho da Arrábida , and the access is made through the Mountains. “You must come here below to see this pearl of the Sado,” says Francisco Simões Martins, owner of the restaurant D u Portinho. Since the implementation of the program “Lisbon Without Cars – the beaches of Setúbal for all”, part of the street sloped and very narrow, that guarantees access, is cut off. Until September 16, to arrive at the restaurant during the day, it is necessary to take a shuttle bus free of charge. From 19: 00 hours the gates are open and it is already possible to go down to the sea. The Good Bed Good Table made on the road, and went to see this house, which claims for itself a view of paradise.

Francisco Simões Martins has reason. The top of the Mountain, it is impossible to predict that this place exists. So that if you descend, the landscape reveals itself and, from there, it is always improving. Two-thirds of the restaurant are both suspended over the water and, despite the interior room to be cozy, is the balcony, with a breathtaking view, dominating all the attention.

The interior D u Portinho is decorated with various elements of maritime navigation, as well as objects from various corners of the world, the fruit of the travels of the owner. On the ground, a rose of the winds giant ensures always indicate where are the north. Already the kitchen, the sight of all, is ensured by Fábio Valente, who takes the irreverence and originality of the dishes, without losing the simplicity of the products originating mostly from the sea.

The table comes the Risotto with lobster (€22,50), a new suggestion on the menu that was passed with distinction. Monkfish rice (€38 for two people), a long list of fresh fish for grilling (from €35/kg), or the famous fried Cuttlefish (€15) are other must-sees of the letter. With regard to shellfish, the D u Portinho offers a menu filled with highlights for the tiger Prawns (€85/kg). Already in the meat, count on the Skewer of black pork (€18) or the Steak of the empty (€16). If you prefer a lighter meal, opt for salads (€12), Salmon, Octopus , and Roe.

Before you finish, save space to sweeten the mouth. The Panacota (€4,50) or the Petit Gâteau (€5) with two balls of ice cream are options as appetizing. But the regional sweets, such as Torta de Azeitão (€4,50) or orange (€4,50), are also good suggestions. To harmonize the meal, the restaurant D u Portinho ensures a wine list quite complete, and with several references to the Peninsula of Setúbal.

Strictly speaking, that address was already occupied by a restaurant over 60 years ago, but only on the 13th day of may 2014 is that the owner D u Portinho (Portinho Da Arrabida, Setubal. Tel. 218084963) gave a new face to the space. When we asked him how he got to the Arrábida, replied, between laughs, that it was through the work and grace of the Holy Spirit. Is not a joke, or disrespect for religion: Francis was 19 years in the civil construction and the Navy occupied him the first few times of youth, but a chance and in a business, this restaurant appeared to him in the plans and the life that follows, four years ago, with a different turn. Beliefs aside, it is often said that “what has to happen, happens.” And even though the restaurant D u Portinho happened, because it’s very much worth the visit, whether by car, bus or on foot.

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