Day of the Woman: tonight is one of them (also) in Viseu

Together for more than a special dinner. The Woman’s Day is celebrated also in Viseu in the usual conviviality in the female that brings together hundreds of women from the central region. Because the 8th of march is special to them, the men do not come in the Expocenter in Viseu (in the former premises of nightclub The Day After), which hosts the celebration.

The repast, where the good mood is guaranteed, it is served by the restaurant the Furnace of The Mimi. From 20h00 parade cold salads and traditional delicacies, among which salads of fresh cheese, mussels in vinaigrette, moelas, febrinhas and feijocas. For the main course there is fish Rice with prawns and a Leg of pork roasted in the oven with various accompaniments.
To finish off, a buffet of sweets and fruit laminate.

During and after dinner, the musical entertainment is provided by the band Replay, which interprets themes of Portuguese music, brazilian, african and international pop. A mix quite eclectic to appeal to all the women present.

The dinner costs €22 per person and, if the group is 12 or more women, account with a 10% discount.

The celebration of Women’s Day the 8 march was established in 1975 by the Organization of the United Nations, but is claimed since the beginning of the century by thousands of women that manifest a little all over the world by improving their rights (economic, social, labour, political).

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