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Dining blind: in this sensory adventure eyes not eat

The invitation is to an adventure in which all the senses are invited to participate, except the vision. Everything is allowed: taste, smell, and even touch. Just can’t see what you’re eating. Deprived of vision, the diners will have to investigate the rest of your senses in an experience that is a real challenge to the palate but also to the sense of smell and to the touch.

Challenge the palate
At the time of reservation (required) for this dinner, we request that you choose a menu – mediterranean, or vegan – and inform the organization about allergies, food intolerances or ingredients little appreciated. After that, it is embarking on the trip. Along the way you can try to guess, but only at the end will know what to eat.

The initiative is the result of a partnership between the Grand Idea and the chief Jorge Rodrigues, who organise a meal unique only for the most courageous: a dinner in which you do not see what you are eating.

This dining in the dark takes place every third Saturday of each month and costs €45 per person. The reservation, which is mandatory, is done via e-mail: reservas@grandideia.pt or Tel. 963 763 717.

The dinner in the dark place in House restaurant of the Chef, in Lisbon, always at 21.00.

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