EN 247: Go through the National Road Seafood

Begins in Cascais, passing through Guincho and Sintra, in the direction of the north. After, the National Road 247 (EN 247) passes through Ericeira, following in direction to Peniche. Between Ribeira d’ilhas and the beach of São Lourenço is located only 4 km away. In the center of this journey is Ribamar, that concentrates, on both sides of the road, several seafood restaurants, to justify the trip and, surely, a stop for seafood lovers.

Based on the guide “Restaurants & Terraces”, on sale now, off to explore some of the restaurants that justify the fact that the EN 247 can be called a ” National Road of the Seafood.

The Seafood restaurant in Ribamar
It was the first seafood restaurant in town and makes a point to remember in the residence customers, signing under the name the year of 1972, when he opened the doors. Prove the mariscada simple, with crab, prawns, barnacles, clams, and mussels (€50), the frittata special (€70), with a lobster small, two prawns tiger giants and 10 prawns, or stay by the proposed Three Flavors of the Sea (€22,50), with clams, mussels and razors.
EN 247, 57, Ribamar. Tel. 261 862 441

Land Sea
Is the cataplana to the Land the Sea (€55), for two or three people, the reason for the pilgrimage, but it is not the only specialty of the house. There are prawns breaded (€8,50), a soup rich of the sea (€14,50) and masada seafood special, which has already gained many adherents, and which also gives to divide. Accompany the meal with a beer of his own, which has the name of the restaurant, perfect to accompany one of the six suggestions mariscadas of the house.
EN 247, Ribamar. Tel. 261 865 924

The Rock
It is a brewery, restaurant, and seafood restaurant and is proud of the high quality and the careful selection of the seafood provided daily (closed on Monday and Tuesday) and that are on view, both in the aquarium as in the showcase. The menu allows you to choose the strand petisqueira, with barnacles, fried prawns or breaded, crab, mixed (mussel and clam) bulhão Pato (€17,50) or below after a the meanwhile for the mariscadas (from €35), with highlight to the version of “Hot”, with tiger shrimp grilled, shrimp chips, clam and mussel, and to the “Real”, with lobster (€69). The seafood Rice, husked, for two people costs €31,50.
EN 247, Ribamar. Tel. 261 862 190

The nurseries of the Atlantic
Although it is not one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Ribamar, this restaurant has gained fame quickly thanks to the nurseries that still today are impressive, the view from the huge windows and, of course, the seafood that brings to the table. Crabs, crabs, crayfish, lobster, and razor clam are just a few of the specimens that you can choose directly from the nursery. There are still, on the menu, many other options, some of which are unexpected as the Dish, to the Nurseries, where there are many prawns, mussels and monkfish. Bread soup, cataplana and feijoada of seafood are other possibilities, preferably with lobster, shredded (€25).
EN 247, 31, Ribamar. Tel. 261 860 300

Star of the Sea
It is directly next to the national Road, although the entry is made by a cross street. The list of seafood to the weight is almost endless, accommodating prawns, crabs, crabs, lobster and crayfish, among others. Sold to the dosage is the barnacles (€9), clams and mussels. One of the most famous specialties of the house is the Soup rich of the sea (€18), which can also go to the table in version of a half dose, so that no one can deprive yourself of other seafood. The classic Mariscada, cold, it costs €59, but you can also opt for the version hot, with seafood, grilled and fried, for €65, also served in half a dose. The seafood Rice shredded is another of the dishes on the top of the preferences.
Street St. John’s, Ribamar. Tel. 261 864 444

Seafood Caesar
More a classic in the art of serving good seafood since 1978. Over the years, the house was modernized, but maintained the quality of what arrives at the table, the urchins of Ericeira, the chip of the Azores, not to forget the barnacles, shrimp, crab, lobster and spider crab. Among the specialties for two people (there is also only to a) include the seafood Rice (€36,95), and the Mariscada à César (€45,95). Famous is also the Lunch of the Sea, with the right the two soups of the sea, the dish, the clams and mussels (€59,95), as well as the terrace and the heliport!
EN 247, Ericeira. Tel. 261 860 950

Ribeira d’ Islands
The beach is considered one of the best in Europe to practice surf and bodyboard, and to prove it to realization, from 1985, of a stage of the World Championship of Surfing. It is seated in a valley between high cliffs and the esplanade is one of the meeting points required. It is said that here, if you can feel the sand on your feet. One of the dishes most sold is the mousse of crab with toast (€7,90), but you can also opt for natural oysters (€2).
EN 247, the Beach of Ribeira d’ilhas, Ericeira. Tel. 261 865 009

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